What kind of bird has a bald head?

What kind of bird has a bald head?

This ugly, wrinkly, bald bird is the Lappet-faced Vulture (Torgos tracheliotos); the only member of the genus Torgos. It is the most powerful and aggressive of the African vultures – other vultures will even give up their found carcasses to the Lappet-faced Vulture if they happen upon them.

What kind of bird has a red head?

If you saw several small streaky gray-brown birds, some with bright reddish-orange forehead, breast, and rump at your seed feeder, this is probably your bird. Most birds are a reddish-orange, some can be yellow, but the underlying pattern is the same.

What kind of bird is brown with brown spots?

Finches love seeds. So they are likely to show up at your backyard seed feeders. Finches are brown streaky sparrow-like birds, more likely in your trees than on the ground. It is only the adult males that show color.

Why is the Bald Eagle called the Baldpate?

Birds That Are Not Really Bald. Some birds may be called “bald” but really aren’t. The bald eagle, for example, is so named because of its fully white head that contrasts with its brown body feathers, while the American wigeon has the nickname baldpate because of its white crown that can look like a bald head.

What kind of bird has a brown head?

Brown-headed Cowbird (Photo: Creative Commons) The cowbird is a small (7 ½ inches long) blackbird. Males have a glossy black body and a dark brown head, while females are a dull gray-brown overall. The short, conical bill and pointed wings help to distinguish the brown-headed cowbird from larger blackbirds.

What kind of bird has black and white stripes on its head?

Adults have black and white stripes on their head, a grey face, brown streaked upper parts and a long tail. The wings are brown with bars and the underparts are grey. Their bill is pink or yellow. They are similar in appearance to the White-throated Sparrow but do not have the white throat markings.

This bald-headed creature is in fact a blackbird, thought to be suffering from the avian equivalent of alopecia.

What to look for in a brown headed cowbird?

The bill has a distinctive shape: it’s much shorter and thicker-based than other blackbirds’, almost finch-like at first glance. In flight, look for the shorter tail. Male Brown-headed Cowbirds have glossy black plumage and a rich brown head that often looks black in poor lighting or at distance.