What should I name my Russian dwarf hamster?

What should I name my Russian dwarf hamster?

Whitey, Silver, and Streak are all good names for a dwarf winter white Russian hamster.

What should I do for my Russian dwarf hamster?

Firstly and most importantly your hamster needs the correct environment to live a happy healthy life. The cage must be kept in a dry environment away from direct sunlight and drafty areas. This is essential for a happy hamster. Russian Dwarf Hamsters love to create nests and burrow in their cages.

What do you call a dwarf hamster when you name it?

After a while, your dwarf hamster will learn to come and greet you when its name is called, hoping for a tasty treat in return. This can be used to further train your pet to perform tricks. Remember, it’s always good to start training your dwarf hamster early and stay consistent.

What’s the best name to give a hamster?

Fiddle – This is a great cutesy name that kind of stands out. Toodles – Cuter hamsters often deserve very cute names like this. Bunny – For hamsters that like to jump around. Plucky – For a hamster with an adventurous attitude. Bounce – Give this name to a hamster who likes to jump.

What’s the best name for a brown fur hamster?

Chibi – a Japanese name meaning tiny Chubby Cheeks – for a hamster with adorable chubby cheeks Caesar – a fun name for a hamster Cocoa – a good name for a brown fur hamster Dude – a cute name for a boy hamster Daisy – for a girl hamster that is as cute as a daisy flower

What do you call a Russian dwarf hamster?

An exercise ball is a hollow ball that your hamster goes inside and operates from the inside. They are a great way to let your hamster run around in a safe environment. However, for no longer than 30 minutes ball time. This is because Russian Dwarf Hamsters need regular water and the toilet.

What are the names of the different types of hamsters?

But there are also four types of dwarf hamster to choose from. These are the: Chinese Hamster, the Roborovski Hamster, Winter White Hamster, and the Campbell’s Russian Hamster. Syrian hamsters are almost double the size of their dwarf counterparts! But there are some perfect name choices out there for all of them. Looking for More on Hamsters?

What’s the best name for a Syrian hamster?

Syrian boy hamsters names can reflect their commonly golden coat, or their cuddly teddy bear nature. Boy hamsters come in a huge variety of colors! Take a look at some of these great ideas that can show of your beautiful hamster’s fur! Although Syrian Hamsters live best on their own, Dwarf Hamsters often come in pairs.

What should I do if my Russian dwarf hamster bites?

See the video tutorial below of Russian Dwarf Hamsters faces. This can result in a nip or a bite from your hamster, because they think your hand could be food or a foe. Always pick Russian Dwarf Hamsters up from underneath like you would scoop water with 2 hands. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.