Is Vetsulin a NPH?

Is Vetsulin a NPH?

In cats, neutral protamine Hagedorn (NPH) insulin (Humulin-N, Eli Lilly; Novalin N (Novo Nordisk), porcine lente insulin (Vetsulin), and protamine zinc insulin (ProZinc, PZI) have been used commonly to treat diabetes mellitus.

What is the difference between dog insulin and human insulin?

Detemir insulin has a much more potent action in dogs than it does in humans. The modifications made to the insulin molecule in the production of detemir (to allow it to bind to albumin) cause detemir to bind to the human insulin receptor only 25% as avidly as human insulin.

Which is the best insulin for dogs with NPH?

Some clinicians use this product in dogs who develop postprandial hyperglycemia when being treated with NPH. Detemir (U-100 human recombinant; Levemir, Novo Nordisk) is a long-acting insulin that can be used in both dogs and cats.

Which is better for diabetic dogs, insulin or Vetsulin?

Only 15 months ago, the FDA approved the first insulin medication for diabetic dogs, Vetsulin (R) (porcine insulin zinc suspension). Because it is formulated for dogs rather than people, Vetsulin is less concentrated than human insulin products, making it easier to dose dogs with less risk of under- or over-dosing.

Can you give NPH to a small dog?

Option for dogs; rarely recommended for cats due to short duration of effect. Consider using the lower end of the starting dose for a large dog and higher end for a small dog. Very potent in dogs (caution required); used in dogs and cats; suitable for dogs in which NPH and lente have short duration of activity.

How many units of Vetsulin a day for LaCie?

Since being diagnosed in April, my Lacie has gone from 5 units of Vetsulin twice a day to now 8 units twice a day and her numbers are very high. I thought I was getting good control about a week ago when Lacie had in range levels for about 3 days then I started a new vial of Vetsulin and her numbers have shot up into the 300s and 400’s.