Can I give my cat 2 doses of REVOLUTION?

Can I give my cat 2 doses of REVOLUTION?

Ear Mite Treatment in Dogs and Cats cynotis) infestations in dogs and cats, Revolution should be administered once as a single topical dose. A second monthly dose may be required in some dogs. Monthly use of Revolution will control any subsequent ear mite infestations.

How much REVOLUTION does a dog need?

DOSAGE: The recommended minimum dose is 2.7 mg selamectin per pound (6 mg/kg) of body weight. Administer the entire contents of a single dose tube (or two tubes used in combination for dogs weighing over 130 pounds) of Revolution topically in accordance with the following tables.

Does REVOLUTION for dogs require a prescription?

Revolution is by prescription only. Just a few drops of Revolution on your dog’s shoulders can kill both internal and external parasites. However, the parasiticide is only available for use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian, according to the Revolution company website.

How long should you wait to bathe your dog after applying Revolution?

REVOLUTION is quick-drying, nongreasy and waterfast, with no unpleasant odor, so you can cuddle and play with your dog as soon as the product dries. Bathing your dog 2 hours after application does not reduce the effectiveness of REVOLUTION against fleas or heartworm disease.

Is there a weight chart for a Yorkie?

A Yorkie puppy weight chart, a puppy growth chart and many dog weight charts are simply a guesstimate of what a full grown, adult Yorkie may weigh. There are just too many factors that can skew what an actual Yorkie, full grown will be, such as genetics, quality of food, environment, etc.

How big is the smallest toy Yorkshire Terrier?

The smallest four toy breeds are: 1 Chihuahua: 2 – 6 lbs, 6 – 9 inches 2 Pomeranian: 3 – 7 lbs, 8 – 11 inches 3 Yorkshire Terrier: 4 – 7 lbs, 6 – 9 inches 4 Pug: 13 – 20 lbs, 12 – 14 inches

When does a Yorkshire Terrier start to gain weight?

Somewhere around the age of 9 months, Yorkie weight gain will start to slow. At this time, the Yorkie will continue to grow in length as well as height, resulting in a much leaner appearance.

Is there such a thing as a big Yorkie?

In many cases, a very big Yorkie is simply a matter of another, larger breed of dog being introduced somewhere along the Yorkie’s bloodline. If your Yorkie is very large, you may not have a purebred Yorkie. Despite all the standards introduced with regards to Yorkie weight, there has been no standardized height.

What’s the average weight of a full grown Yorkie?

Yorkies’ weight may fluctuate depending on their nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Nevertheless, if your fully grown Yorkie weighs less than 4 pounds (1.81kg) they are considered to be underweight. Yorkies that weigh less than 4 pounds are known as “teacup Yorkies”. These dogs are at risk of various health problems.

Why does my Yorkshire Terrier weigh less than my parents?

If your pet weighs more or less than the table indicates, this is probably because of its sub-breed and genetic disposition. For instance, if your Yorkie’s parents were smaller than a typical Yorkshire Terrier, it will also be smaller than suggested in the Yorkie growth chart. How to use this Yorkie Weight Chart?

How big is a teacup Yorkie in pounds?

Here’s what you should know about Yorkie size, including a healthy range, the average size of a Yorkie, and teacup Yorkie size. How Big Is a Yorkie? The AKC (American Kennel Club) had previously listed the minimum weight of a Yorkshire Terrier as 4 pounds (1.81 kg).

How big should a purebred Yorkshire Terrier be?

While you may be expecting your Yorkie to fall somewhere around the 4 pound mark, remember that the American Kennel Club standards account for a weight of up to 7 pounds if you want to bring them into the show ring. So this in turn means that there are many, perfectly healthy purebred Yorkies running around at 8-9 pounds or even more.