Where did Sam from Phantom Stallion come from?

Where did Sam from Phantom Stallion come from?

After returning from her stay in California for two years, Sam feels out of place on River Bend Ranch and struggles with this for most of the series.

Where was the Phantom Stallion born in Run Away Home?

He was born in December at River Bend Ranch during a snow storm in “Run Away Home” while Gram and Wyatt are trapped in town by the storm. Stranded alone at river bend with a labouring Brynna, Sam calls Maxine Ely to come and help. Almost immediately after calling Maxine, the phone line goes down. Together Sam and Maxine help deliver the baby.

How old is Jake from the Phantom Stallion?

Jake is sixteen years old, turning seventeen later in the series, and often plays the role of Sam’s chauffeur/guardian as he feels very protective of her. When Sam returns home from San Francisco, he tells her that she was hurt last time because he wasn’t watching her close enough, and that from now on he was going to “stick to her like glue”.

Who is the author of the Phantom Stallion?

The Phantom Stallion books, first published in 2002 by Avon Books, are a series written for young adult readers by American Terri Farley.

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