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  1. She is the Minister of a religious neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Mark Savchuk and I am in charge of the fitness-app development team at an award-winning mobile application engineering company Intellectsoft. We have a business proposal for Lyoto – we would like to create his personal sports and fitness mobile application that will promote his name/brand.

    Please get in touch!

  3. Parabéns Lyoto. Vá em frente campeão ! Seu exemplo é excelente e sua disciplina é espetacular.

  4. Parabéns Lyoto. Vá em frente campeão !

  5. Ola Machida, gostaria de saber se você faz seminários em portugues e em inglês ( fora do Brasil ) Obrigado

  6. Hey Lyoto, I truly believe you can come back. My intuition says you have to make some changes, but it was not that long ago that if you had not got caught with a submission by john jones, you beat him standing round one. I would like to see you train in some new places and come back and kick some ass and beat your way back to the top. I know you can beat all these guys.

  7. In the first fight chael was beating on him and the same ref said aosdrenn protect urself or i will stop the fight? aosdrenn didnt protect himself and the ref did nothing chael lost the match because of it but he will never just get his ass whiped his style insures that u people need to know when u fight chael he is not gonna stay out of ur range ur gonna be in a fight period .

  8. how do you think lyoto lost that fight. The first two rounds lyoto lnaded more shots to the head, took sam down, passed his guard with ease, and got to the mount postion. The only thing sam did was do a little ground and pound at the end, but he still couldnt even pass lyotos guard.

  9. where can i get a lyoto machida bony acai walkout hat? looking for a gift for my little boys belt test. this would be perfect

    • Dana White acted rashly, and didn’t eolxpre all options before cancelling the card. Silva offered? to save the card but it was too late. There should have been stipulations that penalize fighters for refusing to fight, and there weren’t. Jones shouldve fought Chael. He dissed him on twitter, now was the chance to back it up. Sure its 3 days notice, but the same applied to Chael.You can’t blame Jackson. Jones wanted his advice, he gave it. Jones is a grown man responsible for his own choices.

  10. Hello,

    I’m the Talks Manager for Submission Radio Australia. We are Australia’s biggest MMA radio show. We we’re hoping to get Lyoto on in a 10-15 minute interview. Lyoto has a huge Australian fan base and they haven’t had much of an opportunity to hear from him lately. This is a great opportunity for Lyoto to connect with them. This is also a great chance for Lyoto to talk about his up coming fight and latest products and sponsors.

    Australia is a huge MMA market and this interview will give Lyoto an opportunity to connect to them.

    Best regards,
    Denis Shkuratov
    Submission Radio Australia

    We are flexible with time and are happy to organize a prerecord to work around Frankie’s busy schedule.

    Best regards,
    Denis Shkuratov
    Submission Radio Australia

    • senario #2 jake shields cnnaot take gsp down, we are in for a long fight, with a defensive minded striker like gsp and a not so great stand up from shields we can safely say gsp is going to pick him apart but don’t anything spectacular from gsp since he has way more at stake than when he was younger tkoing guys.

  11. Gilberto cardoso

    Parabéns loiro, vamos ganhar esse título pois , pois o Vitor belfor não vai lutar mais pelo título no ufc 173

    • You say that as if Machida stepped into the cage a used nnthiog but Karate. That’s not true. Not even close to true. Machida is an MMA fighter when he steps into the cage. Sure, he incorporates karate into his style, but it’s not strictly karate.

    • LOL def not a draw sam did nothing to machdia watch the whole fight machdia landed hard strikes making sam clinch or get KO’d then he takes him down mounts him and slipped off on the arm bar. Sam did nothing in this fight that would make it a draw lol

    • something Dana White said didn’t make sense..he said lyoto was in the air and that’s why he couldn’t take the fight THAT MAKES NO SENSE..lyoto could have taernid in brazil for 8 days and came back to the states and fought and dana white said he lost millions but i bet if he offered lyoto 2 million or more dollars he would have? flew back the same day Jones was right not to fight Chael,he just got his ass beat by anderson so he should work his way back up like everbody else

    • in one of these interviews for this fight that he chceks his levels himself to protect himself from accidentally going over the normal levelsthere is nothing wrong with using trt to maintain normal levels, but it is indeed bad to already have normal levels and then to take trt to have above normal levels?your boy bisping has a different problem than testosterone levels, bisping’s problem is that he is a choke artist, and i dont mean that he is good at chokes

  12. Your Machida Karate DVDs have been copied and pirated on Youtube.

    • because Shields has great bjj wheeras Serra has boxing. a quote from one of your comments u ass lick Serras bjj is far superior to Shields but he knew it was no match for GSP and had success with the stand up the first fight so he stuck with it, GSP didnt take Shields down because he was? trying to show the fans that he could do more then just take a guy down 50 times for 5 rounds as he had down in previous fights now move on before you get owned

    • since the beginning of the UFC. The MMA cpnaomy is also proud sponsors of top fighters such as Lyoto Machida and Diego Sanchez. So you know you can trust the Bad Boy brand. These MMA gloves are made of top

    • Dam I really like Machida. I love his untdohorox Karate. Even just watching this he does very well controlling the clinch and on the ground with this bigger guy. Even if he’s not able to take advantage of his position he is keeping greco from attacking and not getting leverage

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