UFC 157 Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida vs. Dan Henderson Breakdown…

Not to be overshadowed by Ronda Rousey’s arrival to the big show this Saturday at UFC 157,MMA legend Dan Henderson will take on the formidably elusive Lyoto Machida.

It’s a matchup that’s going to pin one of the heaviest hitters of all time against quite possibly the most defensively potent light heavyweight in UFC history.

Coming in to this fight, both top contenders have something to prove.  Henderson needs to regain divisional momentum after pulling out of UFC 151, which forced the UFC to cancel an event for the first time in promotional history.

Machida, on the other hand, needs one more victory against a high-level fighter to prove to UFC brass that he deserves a rematch with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

So before two fantastically talented women grace the Octagon for the very first time, tune in and watch two of the most relevant fighters go toe-to-toe.  Here’s how the fight breaks down.

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  1. Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis UFC 163 confirmed on August 3rd WAR MACHIDA!!!!!!!

  2. Phil Davis vs Lyoto?

  3. Hopefully jones wont be out for two long. Any updates yet on when he an lyoto are up or will it be gus next up for lyoto. Osss

  4. Hey Kevin,
    Yes I would like to see him fight Gus too. Gus doesn’t stand a chance.
    I train kata almost every day. I read a quote once from a Master once(I forget who)that said you should do your kata like war. I took his advice and I find it gives a great cardio workout and fine tunes technique at max power. One thing I can’t stand is when you go to a tournament and people are doing the demonstration version of the kata where most of the moves are unrecognisable, very soft, and would be useless if used in a fight. Kata like that loses it meaning in my opinion.
    I try to meditate once a week but dont always get the chance.
    I don’t compete kumite anymore. Its all traditional bare knuckle, no head gear/floor mats/ mouth guards/ groin guards/ gloves or shin guards. Too many broken bones, fat lips and low blows. I did it for long enough. I still teach it to the under 18′s at my dojo but don’t compete.
    How about you. You mentioned you were getting into kata. Are you also doing the meditation? Will you ever compete in just karate or will you focus on MMA?

  5. Well, Lyoto has said if Jones is out till the end of the year he’ll fight Gus if he’s fit by August at the latest he’ll fight for the title, I’m excited for him to fight Gus I know he will KO him because he doesn’t have to worry about the power and focus on the ‘Empty Hand’ just land that punch with all you ‘G’ Lyoto, Either way i’m excited! How’s training going Jamie, how often do you meditate and traiun kata? Also do you still participate?

  6. It might have to be Gus given Jones’ injury

  7. lyoto vs gustaffson soon?

  8. Hi Kevin. Yes it keeps me going too. Great to hear you are right into the spiritual side of it and the kata. Alot of people think there is no place for kata if you are a fighter but I disagree. I feel that it is a great way to concentrate on perfecting technique and balance. With your combination of MMA and traditional training I’m sure it can only make you more complete fighter. Keep us updated with your progess.

  9. In my oppinion, He should beat a good wrestler like, Bader, Evans or Hendo. His takedown defence against Davis was poor and he would have improved lets see what he can do. Jamie you will be pleased to know in the last 5 months iv’e trained a lot or Karate and my striking is coming on strong. I meditate pretty much every day, and I also train Kata once a week, meditation is really good I wake up every day excites refreshed and having the desire to train karate, I love it, it kind of keeps me going!!!!!

  10. Agreed. From memory Gus has only one high profile win, against Shogun. I think Davis beat him. The only thing that might be an advantage against Jones is height/reach in stand up. I would like to see more of him but I don’t think he should be regarded as a contender yet.

  11. I have been training and it’s gradually getting better thank you Jamie, i too am looking forward to it, Sonnen does what he does best and talks his way into it! Really annoys me, Lyoto and 180 will be good, Sonnen in my opponion will get destroyed was stupid making it happen. Lyoto wilk be champion again soon, why’s gustaferson gettting so much credit?

  12. Hope you make a full recovery Kevin and can get back into it. Looking forward to Machida v Jones II, I don’t think Sonnen has a chance. How did he get a shot at the LHW title anyway?? Would also like to see Lyoto at 185. I think he would have no trouble making weight and would destroy everyone. Of course Anderson would have to retire or lose his title first.

  13. Glad to see some familiar names! Hey Jamie how’s it going? Peter if you are out there hope all is well in Sunny Canada haha, Since we last talk iv’e only had the one fight! Iv’e had a neck injury which is annoying and i’m finding it difficult to train jiu jitsu, the fight lasted 56 seconds and i got the win but as i said i haven;t trained properly for 4 months, just been training karate. I agree Iv’e learnt a lot, tai sabaki is about timing attacking when your opponant is most valnarable it worked perfect for me last time. I agree Hendo should retire next up Jon Jones, but I think he’s going to move up and dodge Machida he himself has said he’s high risk low reward!

    -Kevin OSS!!!!

  14. Good to see this site finally updated and some familiar names. Kevin, I hope your MMA career is progressing well? Machida looked like he did it easy. When are these brawlers going to understand that tai sabaki is not running away. It is an effective evading technique that not only allows you to avoid strikes altogether but also sets up the counter. If Hendo thinks Lyoto was scared he needs to watch the tape again and then retire.

  15. machida needs to fight phil davis now, since the fight with JJ will be after July. He needs to test himself against tall wrestlers, get his skills sharpened more. Lyoto who beat Hendo was slower Lyoto who had fought JJ.
    on positive side, I see lyoto add some new tools, like counter elbows( remember fight with Bader and with Hendo, too), leg kicks, heck, even jumping front kick and backspining kick.

  16. I could be wrong, but I think what happened in the Henderson fight was Machida fighting carefully and strategically, with the intention of securing a decision victory on points.

    The goals and choices of a true martial artist are basically incompatible with the commercial interests of a fight promotion company like the UFC. The martial artist wants to perfect their skills and get to the top, but the promotors want them to risk their career and ‘put on a show’ in every single fight.

    Same goes with the fans, who always want to see a brawl; but if you’re fighting a high-stakes eliminator bout, with the winner being guaranteed a title shot (regardless of how the win is accomplished) – then you’re not going to take any unnecessary risks.. You’re going to take the safest route to victory, rather than getting into a slugfest where you risk being knocked out (or injured) – especially considering the notorious striking power of ‘Hendo’.

    Machida really had two options – fight aggressively and risk losing his title shot via knockout, or fight strategically and secure the title shot on points, the way he knew he could. In previous situations, top fights have been granted to the most impressive or convincing fighter, but in this situation, it was simply a matter of whoever won.

    Suffice to say; Machida did what he had to do. He played it safe and avoided getting into a risky war that could have cost him his title shot. He fought a consistent, defensive battle that spared him from injury, while inflicting enough damage to earn him a unanimous decision. It was an intelligent strategy, and it paid off, as he is now free to continue training for his title shot against the winner of Jones/Sonnen later on this year.

    Personally, I love watching Machida fight, regardless of whether he wins or not, and regardless of how much’ action’ there is. He embodies the true, ‘fight without fighting’ spirit of the eastern martial arts tradition. He uses his unique, individualistic style to shows the world that these traditional philosophies and art-forms are still effective at the highest levels of modern competition.

    In a sport that is becoming increasingly standardized and routine, with so many predictable, comparable fighters – Lyoto Machida reminds us of where the martial arts came from, and what they’re really about.

    That being said; I think we will see a much more aggressive and opportunistic Machida, come the title fight with either Jones or Sonnen. At that point, he will have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and so I think we’ll see him fighting at 100% until the fight ends.

    If it’s Jones – Machida has fought him before, and will know how he needs to improve or adjust his game. If it’s Sonnen – his team mate Anderson will be sure to give him the right advice and training.

    Either way; I think Machida has a real chance at getting the belt back.

  17. You know what’s funny I was thinking about Shogun has been performing lately and it seems like it took everything he had to beat Machida and Machida really messed his leg up. Shogun has not been the same since that fight and if he faced the new and improved Machida he would get dominated. Shogun used all of his power to beat Machida and now he’s all out and just can’t train as well.

  18. Lyoto I have been your supporter for many years. I was very impressed by your fight against Dan Henderson. You came so close to finishing in the first round, that was really amazing.
    I think Dan did a good job but he was outmatched.

    I hope you don’t take offense however if I suggest that it would be very interesting to see you at MiddleWeight.

  19. Olá Lyoto! Espero que esta tradução ajude …

    Eu sou um grande fã de Dan Henderson, mas o que ele disse estava errado. A imprensa também foi cheio de merda. Eu vi essa luta e você nunca “fugiu” – você fez o que um bom lutador movimento faz e você atacou muito! O que era quase triste de ver é como lento que você fez olhar Dan. Parecia que ele estava muito lento e que ele desperdiçou uma grande quantidade de energia tentando pegar você. Posso entender por que Dan estava frustrado! Eu realmente espero que você bater Jon Jones!!

    PS: minha família são seus fãs se você ganha ou perder! Você é um dos poucos verdadeiros artistas marciais no UFC. Seria bom saber se você ler este post, enviando-me um e-mail curto :-)

  20. Hello Lyoto! I’m a big fan of Dan Henderson, but what he said was wrong. The press was also full of shit. I watched that fight and you never “ran away”–you did what a good moving fighter does and you attacked a lot! What was almost sad to see is how SLOW you made Dan look. He seemed like he was very slow and that he wasted a lot of energy trying to catch you. I can understand why Dan was frustrated!!! I REALLY HOPE YOU BEAT JON JONES!!!!


  21. It was a fantastic performance, see how he used his jiu jitsu in reverse to try and stand up? How about almost taking Hendersons back from full guard. Got to say fantastic game plan, everytime Henderson through an inside leg kick machida knew the big overhand was coming he would be out of range, best of all how he circled to the left, high level karate as we all know. That was the best defensive display i have seen, along with alot of kicks at his arsenal, Hendo is hard to finish nice jumping front kick followed by high kick to finish, Lyoto fought Perfectly. I do think Jones will move up before he fights machida, as he said before Lyoto is high risk! OSS Sensai

  22. Quick correction I meant possibly no one could (T)KO Hendo with only 3 rounds. But if that was 5 round fight Machida would have either (T)KO’d Hendo Submitted, or completely dominated a gassed and tired Hendo. I can already see it he definitely would gotten a knockout Hendo would be so tired and just stop defending while Machida would move in and out feedin him punches while avoiding damage. I mean he did that most of the fight but Hendo specifically didn’t want a 5round fight for that reason. He knows Machida has way better stamina. So by the 4th round Machida would have gained excellent momentum.

  23. Yeah I was a little disappointed that it was a split decision, but Hendo has a rock hard chin. I didn’t think anyone could finish Hendo with only 3 rounds. With the exception of Machida. I’m mean imagine if he Machida got that brilliant reverse takedown early in the First round. Hendo would have gotten wasted by a ground and pound. He really go saved by the bell. Hendo’s also lucky Machida was going easy on him and not using all his speed and was pacing himself. My only problem is, I was wondering why Machida didn’t pick up the pace and start moving really fast in the 3rd round. Hendo was already gassed and I’m positive Machida wasn’t tired at all? But oh well you can tell Machida is on a different level. Which pisses me off that Hendo said in a way he won the fight cause he hit Machida every time Machida hit him? When I seem to remember Machida being unscathed that fight lol. Oh well Machida is definitely one of the best in the sport. And I have confidence that he can beat Jones. Maybe he was trying to avoid any injury so he could be 100% for Jones? Cause we know he’s way faster than how he was fighting Hendo. However as a Jones fight does scare me cause I don’t want to see Machida loose, I would like to see him fight some other people and watch his brilliant karate be displayed and watch him destroy some others like we know we would. But win or loose Machida you will always be my favorite fighter and the whole reason I got into the sport.

  24. Congrats on the win!cant wait to see you finish what you started in the first round with j.j.,im sure like me,youve seen the way his face was looking between the 1st and 2nd round of your first fight.

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