Machida hopes he hasn’t soured UFC relationship

Machida gave ESPN some answers regarding his recent decline to fight Rashad Evans at UFC 133. Read the article by clicking here.


  1. Julio de Curitiba

    guerreiro Lyoto,treine bastante adiquira mais agilidade e golpes fortes para a revanche contra Jon Jones,esse cara é metido demais se acha invencivel e nem um pouquinho humilde,não vejo a hora que um guerreiro brasileiro faça o bosal do Jon Jones beijar a lona,para aprender a ter humildade e saber que ninguem é inbativel,puxa um americano i chato detentor do titulo,é ruim de mais so,vi sua luta contra Jon Jones assim como do Shogun e Befort,vocês não pode dar espaço e tempo para o beiçudo Jon Jones se recuperar espero uma revanche sua do Shogun e do Belfort fazendo esse cara beijar a lona e abaixar a bola,de umas boas porrada nele,para mostrar que aqui no Brasil a guerreiros do ufc honrados e bom de pancada,é brasileiro detentor dos meios pesados,dos peso pesado como ja foi Junior Cigano,e peso medio Anderson Silva,e futuramente Lyoto Machida,isso é possivel so partir para cima do Jon Jones com rapidez habilidade e pegada forte,um abraço,não vejo a hora de Jon Jones beijar a lona e é bossal dimais.

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  5. Here’s hoping we see Hendo tapout in the 1st round

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  7. News is in. Lyoto v. Hendo probably December. Let’s end this year with a bang!

  8. When you pick a line/direction hold too it strong and firm. There are no good/bad decisions just alack of belief in the greater sphere.

  9. Lyoto was not comfortable on his weight against Jones during their first fight, he was packed up with bulky muscles that’s why he run out of gas on the second round. He should be on the same weight as he is against Ryan Bader to be able to run in and out for 5 rounds.

  10. i doubt that lyoto would have any troubles. since he had not said yes and then turned it down! and the stakes are very high- should he have lost badly to jj again, then he would have to leave the 205 devision. now, what happens is that Hendo is out with knee injury (so he would need another 3-4 months to get ready), Shogun is still recovering after his fight with Vera (plus he signed contract for Gustaffson), Lyoto also is still recovering after his fight with Bader. Rashad just lost to JJ. Wonderboy-Davis had lost to Rashad and then got no-contest with Wagner Prado. So, the whole top 10 205 is unavalable. Technically, Gustaffson could be resigned to fight JJ. or Glover Texiera after he beats Rampage could be signed to fight JJ in December. I have a feeling UFC will force JJ to fight again in 2012 either Lyoto or Glover.
    About Vitor.Well, he is said to walk around at 215-220lb. and he cuts weight a lot! so, fighting at 205 is only plus for him. his boxing is very good. problem is, imho, that he was koed too many times and he does not have very good bjj and good takedown defense, plus, his spirit is not the same anymore. If Wandy had Vitor’s skills, well, JJ would be in trouble!

    A fight with JJ could be very entertaining but to win, Vitor would have to always go forward, like Thiago Silva does, and then count on his fast nad heavy hands.

    Oddly enough Chael Sonnen is as dangerous to JJ as Vitor
    since he is a really good wrestler (with pillow hands, though). But sonnen does have fighting spirit.

  11. I love Lyoto but there is no way he should have turned down that fight. He has been begging Dana for another shot and would still be in good shape from his last camp. Vitor will get smashed. Jones copped alot of criticism after turning down Sonnen and was probably in a more vulnerable frame of mind. You don’t turn Dana down without some payback. Lyoto will now be pushed back in the queue

  12. He’ll get it when he keeps kicking ass like he did against Bader and the UFC has no choice but to make the fight happen.
    I don’t understand why Belfort is fighting Jones, when Chael first stepped up and Jones has recently said he would fight him on the 22nd. Vitor is going to get destroyed, look what Silva did to him. I don’t even know how he will get his weight up in time. 4 weeks to put on 20 lbs? That’s muscle he would need, not fat (which he might be able to manage). But what use is that type of weight (fat) to him? I won’t be surprised if he takes “something” and gets caught…..

  13. @togi yeah but lyoto won’t fight for the title anymore it will be vitor belfort and this was confirmed by UFC.COM so I don’t know when lyoto will get another title shot (-_-)

  14. i think it was a wise decision to pass the fight on sept 22. Lyoto would not be ready anyways. he had only 8 weeks first time and it showed then. NO, for, JJ, he would need at least 12 weeks of training. But JJ is in troubles right now.

  15. I can’t believe lyoto declined the title shot are you serious? there are no exuses when you really want the title you GO FOR IT!! but now I’am starting to think that he didn’t want it that bad :o it kinda dissapoints me to hear this about lyoto.

  16. I can’t believe Sonnen was offered a shot at Jones without a recent fight at LHW. Sonnen would not have lasted 2 minutes. Anyway, go Lyoto, you can do it this time. P.S this site is a joke. if you administrators are not going to maintain it then shut it down

  17. lyoto got title fight again! though on a very short notice. Funny, it is in Toronto again. Honestly, though, i would like to see shogun fight fight JJ first. I will explain why. in his last 4 fights(except Griffin) Rua took a lot of damage and he gets slower fight after fight. Third fight with Lyoto will happen sooner or later. The later it happens, the easier it will be to beat shogun. I have to admit,though,Rua’s jaw made from concrete or granite.

  18. The mods should update this site. Seriously.

  19. Lyoto I’m glad you’re back!
    Your condition and form during the Bader fight was splendid. Watching you fight is like looking at an obra maestra.
    I’ll be rooting for your victory all the way from the Philippines.

  20. Enjoy the happy rhythms, dance, and paint with them, you are an artist, blessings from South Africa!!!

  21. Well done lyoto (i’m KevinBushBJJ from twitter by the way) it was a brilliant performance as i and you predicted. Lyoto weather you fight jones or henderson (i’d say henderson) you will be champion you have Moved your camp to L.A which was the right decision lyoto you are my sensei! Bader had his game plan, he tried hitting but he missed you countered with a kick and then he started following you perfect lyoto i love you always! OSS!

  22. Simply Superb! Start cooking that humble pie for Jones. Congrats Lyoto.

  23. Congratulations Lyoto, you are a true inspiration. And you are right, “the Dragon is back!”. I look forward to seeing you catch Jones in similar fashion. OSS!

  24. Bader should win this one easily. He will then go on to beat the winner of Shogun/Vera and fight bones for the title. Top 5 LHW in order: Jones, Bader, Rashad, Hendo, Shogun


  25. Hi Lyoto!
    Why don’t you wear your karate gi during your entrances anymore? Gi rulez…

  26. My predictions:

    Griffen DEF Ortiz via decision

    Sonnen DEF Silva via 4th round Submission

  27. Shogun is scared of glover hahahahaha

  28. Good for him (Jones), I’d really love to see that ugly motherfucker to suffer (especially inside the octagon). He’s a fake shit and very arrogant. I’m also a very huge fan of Hendo but he needs a real lucky punch to win that match against Jones.

    Does anybody here also collects Machida walkout tees? I do but I’m having a hard time finding his second edition Silver Star black/white shirt.

    By the way they really should update this website. It’s been a long time and we already got 431 responses on this thread. Whew!

  29. Jon Jones was charged with DUI. So much for his squeaky clean image……

  30. Kevin,

    I fully understand when you say the more you train the less you know. When anyone starts out they don’t appreciate what is ahead of them. You have obviously learnt enough now to appreciate the enormity of what lies ahead. That already shows a good understanding and appreciation of your art. You already have the spirit of a true martial artist and have a fighting background so I’m sure you will become proficient relatively quickly. Of course the learning continues for a lifetime, even for a master, but someone with the right attitude and physical attributes wont have to wait to long to attain a good woking knowledge of the system. I trained with a 9th dan Goju Ryu master once and the entire black belt lesson was standing still practising Gyaku Tzuki (reverse punch). Even these guys think they still have alot of work to do on the basics! My point is that even those of us who have been doing karate for 20 years still feel as though we have alot to learn but that doesn’t mean we can’t become good martial artists in the meantime.

    Anyway, I would love to see Hendo land a bomb on Jones’ chin and put him to sleep but I dont see it happening. I think I will look like the Rampage Jones fight with Hendo trying to land that one shot but never getting the distance right until he gasses in the throd or fourth and is submitted.

  31. Karate takes a lifetime to master (that’s why the masters are so old!). It was never designed to be a quick fix. That’s why most young people now don’t want to train it because it takes too long for it to become effective. They also don’t understand that all the long, exagerated movements are meant to be used as a training tool to teach the body proper biomechanics to distribute force. Most karate techniques are linear in nature and this is not natural for the human body; it must be trained in a “big” way first and slowly refined to smaller more realistic movements (but we always still train/return to the long stances/and kata/kihon as source of refinement for even better application tehcnique). This is why most people catch on to boxing style punching first, because it is easier and more natural for people to throw a circular punch and feel like they are creating force. Karate takes years to learn how to distribute force linearly, which is why the training is designed the way it is, and very traditional in nature. I was told that when you live your life with the Budo spirit you are practicing/doing “karate-do”, and when you actually have to defend yourself, then you are practicing/doing “karate”. It’s about a balance between understanding the lifestyle and mindset and also the “hands-on” application of technique and when you should truly be using the techniques (traditionally for life and death). The techniques were originally designed for life and death situations, not really for a “cage-fight”. Lyoto even admitted to not using his actual karate techniques in MMA for fear of killing someone; which is why in some of his earlier fights he took in to the ground and used his jujitsu and muay thai. Interesing topic!

  32. The people who I train with makority of them black belt in Shotokan Karate belong to The Burleigh Academy the man they got there training from there Shihan is very much like that he said Karate has saved his life and because of the spiritual side of it has helped him stay calm and patient and also reasonable in his business situations. So i’m fully aware of that! But the more I train the less I seem to know and that has discouraged me of late ! You might find that weird, Ive trained and spoken with Shihan a few times and what he says to me is ‘you must first taste the milk before you enjoy the meat’… ‘walk before you can run’ what I think he is saying is that im trying to hard to progress, which isn’t a bad thing in its self but you must relax. I have much to learn I guess i muist relax and enjoy the trial and error. The footwork is amazing how defence can be used to attack, avoid damange then attack when you’re opponant is at his weakest and it’s frighening when you see a guy leap forward it’s scary stuff! Iv’e learnt that when you fight someone with no karate background you have an advantage in some areas! Yeah it can be defended it’s like jiu jitsu if you fight someone with no pire jiu jitsu training you will have a massive advantage but it still can be defended alot of wrestling does that! But that’s what i’m working on being it the defence—– Setting up defence to attack—— then leaping forward and attacking—— Machida is the best for being that! Peter jamie what’s your guys thoughts? Also what’s your thoughts on Hendo and Jones? Does anyone know who Henderson’s camp is with? I hope it’s with Randy the game plan would then beat jones haha!

  33. I started training when I was eight, and I’m 34 now. So honestly, I don’t remember what I had trouble with back then. We do train takedowns, as they apply to the situation, opponent, and as bunkai in kata (kata application). I have competed since I started, and have competed at the national level in the past 15 years, and internationally in the past 4 years. I believe in traditional karate philosophies, provided they can be applied to work in a real situation and are effective, otherwise it’s just “talk”. Keep training! Karate is a life-long pursuit and you never stop learning. What organization of karate does your dojo belong to?

  34. I’m train with black belts and i’m a blue belt, they are moving very fast they have said to me they’ve made it more advanced early (on purpose) dd you struggle with that stance switch and first? I might be being crytical of myself but I am comparing my movement to black belts it hasn’t helped that I’m training many other Karate bases, it’s going well, I watch machida an can dame a lot! Technically im a black belt it’s just I haven’t train consistently but I want to improve. Do you train takedowns in your karate Peter? I have muh to learn I am finding the footwork difficult. I’m only 22 so I have a lot to learn! What did you find difficult Peter? Do you participate? Do you believe in all the philosophies of karate?

  35. I believe that it will be an easy fight for Lyoto. Bader is not as elite as Shogun and (conditioned) Rampage. Shogun’s next fight will be a walk in the park for him too. Yeah, it was all about the upcoming next season of The Ultimate Fighter/Team Rua vs. Team Machida! I really can’t wait for it!

    Machida vs. Bader Prediction: Machida via referee stoppage

  36. Well it’s good to know that not only I, but many other supportive fans are aware of Lyoto’s new opponent, Ryan Bader. I am very glad to hear Machida is back in the mix.
    Furthermore, they need to really update this website. Over a year and no updates? :(
    Anyway, This is a great fight for Machida to rebound on.
    Bader’s got no chance. Machida via KO.
    I will not deny Bader has power and wrestling, but based on Machida’s last performance against Jones. Bader aint gonna be bringing anything new to the table.

    WAR Machida!

    Fight your way back to the top brother and take that belt back!

    I also heard Shogun was interested in doing an Ultimate Fighter series with Machida and having a 3rd fight to end their trilogy..interesting. I would say if not Bader, then perhaps Gustafsson. I also would be very interested in seeing a Jones rematch. As long as Lyoto can avoid tangling up with Jones than it’s his fight all day as seen in their last fight, especially round 1.

    Take brothers!

  37. Of course a win over Bader would improve his standing. WINNING improves standing. Derp. When you lose a title fight, you fight your way back. Bader deserves another top 5 oppenent, he beat Rampage. Whether you like Ryan Bader or not give the man so credit. Machida def. has the advantage in this fight. That being said, Bader has power if he connects clean, and has good top control.

  38. This is a joke. Lyoto said he wanted to fight 3 or 4 times this year and Dana has given him nothing. If he does fight in August then at most he will get another one fight before year end. Very disappointing. Dana will bend over backwards to acommodate Hendo and treats Lyoto like a 2nd tier fighter. It should have been Lyoto v Shogun or possibly Davis. Will a win over Bader improve Machidas standing in LHW, I doubt it.

  39. Lyoto vs. Ryan Bader, Sat Aug 4th in Southern Calif (LA?). Looks like it will be UFC on Fox 4. Well..what do you know…Lyotos got a fight! Return of the Dragon!

  40. Lyoto vs. Ryan Bader this August on Fox. Time for this forum to blow up once again.

  41. Use the pressure to floor when transitioning from different stances in a kata, Kevin. “Breathe through your feet” (just an expression) and use the floor to create power, think of the floor as an extension of your body. OSS! What rank are you in Shotokan?

  42. But i’m past that it’s only whwen i fight karate only that its a issue!

  43. Hi Peter & Jamie i’d say all but I thought that would be lazy when i’m only speaking to you two haha! Iv’e been thinking why is it that Dana White ie such a Wanker to Machida after Machida got his first title shot and when he beat Rashad Dana gave him so much credit ‘every thing Machida hit Rashad with he hurt him’ then he said that One day Machida will be unbeatable and that he’d be the greatest. Then after UFC 104 Shogun vs Machida which Machida won in my eyes, With someone who HAS ADD (which is ADHD without the hyperactivity) I had to watch it without sound because Rogan fails to mention machida’s counter which was strange it was quite clear who the winner was. Id like to know why the big change? I see that fight as the central fact into the Dana- Machida change. Im sure things happened between the scenes but the hype changed. I always said that Machida felt he had to prove dana and all the critics wrong not that it bothers me what people think Iv’e had alot of adversity this month ive turned 22 recently on the 19th but my next fight and first defence is against a judo Black belt im not afraid to grapple infact i think im a better grappler but im struggling to get a world class boxer to train with ive had 3 sessions and 3 coaches have said that my style will not walk that being karate and counter striking but im not changing it machida does it and i know it works it works for me always ! why is people against karate? I have struggled with the transition from Heian Godan ——- rear stance to front stance awkward and it was difficult to perform

  44. Interesting. I think Shogun will murder Thiago, although I have been wrong before. Although it would be fun to see Machida have his way with Rashad again, Machida and Phil Davis has always intrigued me too. I think Rashad is mentally on a “low” after losing to Jones, at least that is how he seemed in the post-fight interview. To then have him fight the only guy who KO’ed him? Not a good plan for the guy…..
    What Lyoto quote are you referring to Kevin?

  45. Shogun is fighting Thiago silva so petr you could be right! Machida vs phil Davis? I think machida vs Rashad is the way forward both coming off jones losses!

  46. Silva and sonnen are now fighting in Vargas which will make life easier for sonnen ! Also Dana white is considering machida vs shogun as the next coaches on ultimate fighter brazil that would be sick! I’m sure you guys have sen machida’s latest quote?

  47. Silva vs. Sonnen ll is being removed from the UFC Rio event this summer…but Vitor Belfort vs. Wanderlei Silva is still on. I am guessing that they will add Lyoto vs. Shogun lll as a co-main event…we’ll see…

  48. At this point, I’ll cheer for whoever is standing opposite the cage of Jones. Everytime he steps into the ring, the first thing I think is, “man, he’s got skinny legs.” But no one is consistently attacking them! Why???
    I think Rashad psyched himself out. I saw fear and doutbt in his eyes at the weigh in and walking to the octogan. Yes, he did have his moments when he caught Jones, but then he became hesitant again. Those elbows of Jones really mess with guys. Did anyone notice how Jones was “pawing” with Rashad, the way Machida was pawiing with Jones in their fight (right before Machida countered him)? Jones is like camelion (sp?), and just steals stuff from other fighters to call it his own. With the exception of those elbows, not sure where about where he got those from. Maybe they just work well for him because of his reach… most things he does. I actually enjoyed all the other fights mroe than I thought I would on this card. In fact, this was probably the boringest on the whole card.

  49. I meant Hendo KO an the last part in talking I machida and jones, It’s weird Rashad hesitated and was very hesitant, jones looked tentative against machida an rampage and shogun looked tentative against jones so machida Is the only one with the right game see how Hendo gets on!

  50. I just saw the fight, it was quite boring but Evans stunned Jones With a head kick then Jones stunned Rashad with an elbow. Jones made alot of mistakes on his feet even jones admitted he made alot of mistakes, I hoped Rashad would win and I now hope Henderson will, Henderson is very aggressive on his feet like he was against Fedor and Shogun that’s the kind of standup that can scare Jones aslong as it stays on the feet, it will be intresting Jones will try and get it to the later rounds given Hendo’s age and we saw his gas againsthogun, but jones cant take what shogun did! I hope Hendo lands that shot, I’m hoping for a Shogun KO if not Jones will more then likely move to Heavyweight What you think Peter? After the first round Jones Got more confident, You gotta do what Lyoto did and counter from go obviously jones realised the standup wouldn’t work and netrillised the stand up with wrestling I hope and think Hendo will win, but he has 3 rounds to do it!

  51. I hate to admit it but i thought Jones looked very good today. His technique has improved alot and he is very confident. With that reach i cant see anyone beating him until Lyoto gets another shot. Jones will dominate Hendo and then what? Lyoto is still the only one to have worried Jones so hopefully we wont have to wait too long for a rematch

  52. Waiting for main event at my local pub with about 40 other local martial artists. Everyone here is hoping for an Evans win which says something about Jones given that Rashad has never exactly been Mr Popular . Jones doesnt seem to have much respect amongst martial artists. Go Rashad !

  53. @Josh I think you mean round 7… I hope that Rashad wins I just don’t like Jones he’s had alot of media and adversity in the way his plane was cancelled or maybe that was UFC Bullshit to make Jones amazing… Cumon Evans! There will be alot of posts tomorrow when jones losing

  54. I hope Evans beats Jones. Then Machida can do instant replay and beat Evans. And finally, we can see Machida/Shogun round 3! Machida/Shogun reminds me of Liddell/Ortiz! It’s so fun to watch. Train hard Machida. We want to see you win some more!

  55. I agree with you Kevin. I think it was more because I had never seen him fight before and had always assumed he was more hype, but then quite surprised by his speed and movement. But you’re right, Thiago was slow and he just kept coming forward, eating punches. He for sure made Gustafson look good (although he did get caught by a few and looked mildly dazed). It’s just nice to see some up and comers who don’t always fight in the same MMA mainstream way of fighting, and use a little creativity for a change. I think we can both agree that with the right mentorship, he could be quite good in a few years!

  56. I don’t like how theey make out he’s the new Jon Jones. are they forgetting that he’s older then Jon Jones and that there stand up is very different he has better movement then Jones and better hands. I think Gustafson is a force but he did get tagged a few times there is definately question marks there and he definately not as clinical as Machida is…. That was not the Thiago Silva that MAchida fought he looked slower and of course he’s been out of action quite a while, But you can only beat what’s in front of you and Gustafson did that has alot of skills and tools, but if he fought Machida now, he’d get tagged, he would fail to inflict damange, his lack of clinicaility would fail him and I think Lyoto would beat him purely because of the better defence and the fact he’s more clinical. If Gustasfson could train with MAchida, or Vitor belfort they are probably the best to when I guys hurt they explode! If you compare Machida’s fight with Gustafason you will see a difference not in just the opponant but in how One fighter had the grappling and defence to avoid and was clinical when it came! As of ever this is my oppinion and is open to debate!

  57. Hi Peter i’m just watching the fight now ill post my thoughts shortly…

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  59. Just watched the Silva/Gustafson fight. It’s the first time I’ve actually watched Gustfson, and I’ve gotta say, I’m quite impressed. I would definitely like to see him fight Jones. I didn’t realize that he is actually taller than Jones. He’s very fast and has good footwork. I think Silva landed only a few shots in the whole fight. The announcers kept comparing him to Jones the whole fight. Him and Machida would also be a good one, considering they the foot work they would be use. I would give the edge to Machida though…..obviously!

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