Lyoto Machida vs. Chael Sonnen not on UFC’s fall schedule

After Chael Sonnen was quoted bashing Brazilian fighters Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva and the Nogueira brothers. Lyoto responded by saying,
“I think [the Sonnen fight] is great, I’m excited to do that. He’s coming back now, wants to fight, and I really think it’s a good fight for me. If Sonnen really wants this fight, I’ll sign it immediately, no problem at all.”

Despite rumors Lyoto Machida will not be fighting Chael Sonnen this October. Sonnen is set to fight former Marine, Brian Stann. How do you feel about Sonnen’s trash talk? Do you think they should eventually meet in the ring?


  1. I hope Sonnen dies in the ring. Finally, a pay-per-view event would be worth the money.

  2. There’s absolutely no way Sonnen could get Machida down and ultimately, he’d pay the price via KO when trying to do so just like Bader.

  3. Chris Sementelli

    There is no doubt that chael sonnen has an excellent ability to get fighters to the mat. He then beats them up with elbows so he is a nemesis to pure strikers. He backs up alot of his trash talk, but him beating machida is a joke. Lyoto’s elusive style and outstanding karate skills sonnen would struggle the entire fight. If he can’t get his opponent to the mat, he has nothing to offer but heart.

  4. Oh, what I have to say..has to do with one of his defeats.

  5. I really would like to give Lyoto some humble advice in a private fashion but the e-mail address on this site does not respond.

    I was affliated with an MMA gym which has a line of communication with other MMA gyms in the professional circile. What I have to say most probably is rubbish but might be worth hearing nonetheless.

  6. Based on Chael’s last performance, I think Machida would be the favorite in this fight.

  7. Chael Sonnen is no near half better fighter than Lyoto Machida. Long live to the Dragon Machida.

  8. chael sonnen would rip machida in half

  9. Good luck on fighting Jon Jones. I am confident you can beat him.

  10. I’d like to see Machida fight an elite striker like Vitor Belfort next. Even Wanderlei Silva. Someone who will put on a great show and also put a massive feather in Machida’s cap. Machida needs to send a message to the UFC and the fans and that message is that he is still a major force in the light heavyweight division and he deserves that shot at Jones.

    Also, I believe Bones will defeat Rampage.
    (Prob by decision)

  11. Love to see that one!!! Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida would kicks Sonnen’s mouthy ass!!!!! Long live Machida!!!!

  12. machida would finish sonnen off in 1 round with ease i honestly think machida would even beat anderson

  13. Phew! Sonnen was just making new and fresh issues in order to make himself marketable once again after a long vacation. Lyoto Machida is too much for his sloppy skill. I think he should pick Michael Bisping, Chris Leben or Mark Muñoz instead.

    P.S. Chael Sonnen must defeat Anderson Silva first to stand a chance against Lyoto Machida! Hahaha!

  14. now that davis is out of 133 and doesnt have a serious injury, him and lyoto would make sense for ufc 136 or 137

  15. I meant to say that I doubt either is true. I doubt Machida is money hungry.

  16. From everything I read, it was Machida’s management who demand the cash. I want to know what Machida thinks. It is no secret that is Machida gets paid more, than so will his management team. Even Ed Soares said someone else was handling the negotations. I understand the wanting of more money, but Machida has never said anything close to this before. So either it was something that no one ever touched on, or he turned a new leaf unexplainably quickly. I highly doubt the second is true. I do agree that Evans will get another bed time if he fights Machida again. Maybe we would get another “Crane Kick” KO.

  17. Supposedly White turned down The Dragon after he asked for “Silva money”. Supposedly, White said F-OFF! Hey, if he did ask for that kind of money, he probably did it because you’re asking him to fight on 3 weeks notice AND save UFC 133. Let’s be honest here, Machida v Evans II is waaaaaaaaay better than Evans v Davis, right?! I don’t think Ortiz stands a chance, Evans is much quicker than him and is well rested. Evans will win and they will talk about him getting the next title shot, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, Machida is truly deserving of that shot and they are making all efforts to keep him in the shadows. Given the confidence gained from the Couture fight, I think The Dragon would run through Evans and Rampage, setting up an amazing match-up against Jones. With Machida’s luck, he’ll draw Davis or Thiago Silva, which will prove nothing.

  18. Darn. You’re right Josh. Something went wrong and the fight will not happen.

  19. I just heard the news today, sorry fellas, but the rumors going around about Lyoto fighting Rashad II is false. Machida refused, which is rather smart, on behalf of himself, wife, etc. 3 weeks notice…that’s nuts.
    Machida and I quote ‘would be unfair to the fans on 3 weeks notice and give a bad performance.’ We shall see him again in the future & kickin ass!

    As for UFC 133, Phil Davis is injured and both Machida and Tito turned down the fight with Rashad based on such short notice.


  20. Machida vs Evans II i’m loving it Rashad has no time to prepare haha!

  21. Machida – Evans II !!!! Hope this goes through! If so that will be one hell of a card on UFC 133! Ossssss!!!!

  22. Hdbehhdhebebhd

    I don’t think that this question would ever arise again. Machida should not worry about losers like Sonnen. He would crush him like a bug.

  23. with 3 weeks notice. xm, this is going to be tough.

  24. The Dragon v. Suga the sequel…
    It’s on like Donkey Kong.

  25. SorgeElenchus

    That would be awesome if Machida fights Rashad again next month! I just hope that Machida’s been training and is ready to fight that soon.

    Come on, Dragon, knock his arse out again!

  26. Yep, saw that one coming..
    I agree, with Chael running his mouth like it’s a marathon he deserves to fight someone like Machida who would put him to sleep like a light switch. Funny how though that despite all that trash talk, Chael has LOST to EVERY SINGLE Brazilian he’s fought and been submitted nearly the same way each time HAHA. Anyway, enough of that clown.
    Machida, my friend you are moving every closer back to YOUR Belt! Keep up the excellent work ethic and dedication.

    I feel he should fight Forrest Griffin or Jones. Shogun maybe in the future to settle the score.


  27. SorgeElenchus

    I’m always entertained by Chael Sonnen, but if he picks a fight with Machida then I hope he gets knocked out. That would be awesome. Nobody messes with the Dragon! Now announce Machida’s next fight already, damn it!

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