Who Should Lyoto Fight Next?

Lyoto got through Randy Couture in epic fashion at UFC 129.

Who do you want to see Lyoto fight next? Why?

Lyoto beats Couture


  1. rematch with jones will be great fight forever and Machida will prove that he’s better fighter then jones

  2. marcello godoy

    Lyoto x Dan Henderson on february 23rd
    could this be the flight of the dragon 2?

  3. i want to c him fight jon jones again he just need to go back to his old fighting style counter counter counter i think he will do much better cause hes the greatest fighter in the world i think

  4. I agree with many, Machida should fight Rampage again and Shogun. But not Jones. Leave Jones for Silva, they are more closely matched. Maybe later Lyoto and Jon Jones. All of these would be excellent fights.

  5. luke ur right, the dragon came in with awesome fighting condition. His speed was killing jones in the 1st round. A rematch one day would be great!!!!

  6. Lyoto should have gotten a training camp earlier. His performance against Jon Jones was amazing. Too bad that lead hand invited a guillotine but better performance next time round.

    Does Lyoto have any training in boxing? I noticed his brothers and even Lyoto in pride fight differently…he is much more capable of being aggressive than he has shown thus far in the UFC.

    He seems to deliberately put on a classy performance in the UFC..not sure why.

    Anyways I am your fan and fellow South American. Cheers, Luke

  7. I will love to see a rematch against Mauricio Rua or Jon Jones. Rematch against Rampage too. The dragon totally deserve that fight!

  8. 12/01 Are you sure you are sane fighting Jon Jones? I realize you are a capable fighter, but oh boy, this guy is mean. He should be fighting Anderson Silva, not Lyoto Machida. Good luck with this fight, I believe you are going to need it. Liz Howell

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  10. he is fighting jon jones dec 10. lets go dragon win your belt back.

  11. Lyoto is an excellent fighter. Lyoto needs a top top guy to fight next, not a up and comer or anyone without already previous huge success in the ufc. Rematch of Rampage or Rashad

  12. Lyoto Machida will be fighting Phil Davis @ UFC 140 in December for #1 contender position.

  13. i think Lyoto Machida is the only man talented and skilled enough to beat Jon Jones….

  14. i think is the only man talented and skilled enough to beat Jon Jones

  15. Let’s see the rubber match between him and “SLOW-GUT” Rua. After Rua gets beat again by Forrest!

  16. Or Chael Sonnen?

  17. Machida vs. the loser of Rampage/Jones, if Hendo crosses over and goes for lightweight, then against Machida, or Phil Davis when he comes back from injury.

  18. Machida vs Dan Hendo for #1 contender. Why not?

  19. I’d love a Jon Jones x Machida fight, it would be a clash of styles! Flashiness against calculated counter attacks and Lyoto’s pretty good on the ground as well! That said, since Jones’ fighting Rampage, Machida will probably destroy Phil Davis and his hideous pink tights.

  20. Lyoto should fight Jon Jones for teh title. I think this will be an awesome fight. jon is yougn and talented and lyoto is a great fighter. these two will make hsitory.

  21. Lyotos Manager thinks that probably Lyotos next fight will be against Phil Davis…which will be a great fight! Enter the Dragon!!

  22. Machida’s next fight should be the winner of the griffin and rua fight. then he should fight the winner of jackson/bones/evans fights just to make it fair. I know that Machida has what it takes to be the champion and Jon Bones Jones can not defeat him, Machida does not stand around for the crazy elbows and suplexes and what most people forget is that his was a sumo wrestler. this art is great for breaking clinches.

  23. Any man who dares to take that fight.

  24. He should fright mirko crocop or Brandon Vera

  25. Hey I’d like to see lyoto machida fight mirko crocop or Brandon Vera

  26. Shogun is both an excellent MMA fighter & humble guy. BUT..we need to get past this Shogun vs. Machida analysis. Shogun really wanted the 2nd fight & he won..end-of-story. Machida is another thing…the consumate Martial Artist since he was 7! I beleive that he will be ready for whomever he fights..whether its Davis, Shogun, or Jones. Machida won 17 before loosing 2 (& 1 was controversial.) He has tasted defeat & now will only see victory..the “Return of the Dragon”.

  27. i think there is a possibilty that machida will face phil davis or winner griffin vs shogun. and i am not sure if shogun can griffin. the guy is so huge. by the way, these a few days i had some spare time and i re-watched lyoto vse shogun rua 1 fight. i watched it almost frame by frame 3 times within 1 week. so there are a few things i do not get. the fightmetrics shows that lyoto landed only a few head strikes and was very good with body strikes whereas shogun landed almost 2x head strikes and much less body shots. here is what i got round by round
    round 1 lyoto lands 2 head strikes, 9 bodyshots,3 leg kicks.
    round1 shogun:1 head strike, 4 body shots, 5 leg kicks (and 5 leg kicks when are clinched against the wall)
    round 2machida:3 head strikes,5 body shots,4 leg kicks
    round2 shogun:1 head strike, 6 body strikes, 4 leg kicks
    round3 machida:7-9 head strikes (last flurry of punches was very difficult to count), 7 body shots,3 leg kicks
    round3 shogun:3 head strikes, 4 body shots, 8 leg kicks (and 5-6 leg kicks when are clinched against the wall)
    round4 machida:3 head strikes, 1 body shots, 2 leg kicks
    round4 shogun: 2 head strikes, 3 body shots, 6 leg kicks
    round5 machida:2 head strikes, 2 body shots, 0 leg kicks
    round5 shogun :4 head strikes, 2 body shots, 5 leg kicks ( and 2 against the wall).
    so, in total i have head strikes machida-17 head strikes
    shogun -11 shogun
    bodyshots machida- 24 body shots
    shogun-19 body shots
    leg kicks machida-12, shogun-28 (plus 12-13 when clinched)
    a few more observations- machida’s leg kicks were aimed below the knea and were not so strong. machida’s legs
    started to hurt in round 2 close the end.joe rogan was talking shit- machida landed a body kick, joe rogan says it was a high kick, shogun missed the knee kick- rogun says it landed, shogun threw a counter combo and lands only good leg kick and we hear- a body kick by shogun.
    you guys should watched the fight carefully.
    personally i would say that round 1 and 3 machida took hands down. round 2 machida barely edged. round 4 shogun edged, round 5 machida was trying to survive.
    so, would like to hear from you guys.

  28. Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis is what we will probably hear next out of the UFC…

    BTW, get MMA Lyotos book, its very good…good luck to the Dragon!!

  29. Everyone get over Lyoto asking for more money! The UFC is a poorly run coagulation of shit where some people get more favour from the boss and some get less. Lyoto is just one of those people who Dana hates because he’s a tactical fighter who takes his time. Hell I wouldn’t rush into a fight either and if I was being jerked around by my boss I’d ask him for more money to take a job “on the fly”. Winner of Rashad vs Davis had been offered a title shot; winner of Rashad vs Lyoto would have been Title for Rashad – two more fights for Lyoto.

    Lyoto prove to the non-believers that you are still the humble karate kid; don’t let your fans down now. You’re the last of the really good humble fighters; you need to set a standard for the next generation.

  30. Machida vs Jones, def not cuz hes not number one contender, but I definately agree with Winner of Shogun vs Forrest Griffin should fight Machida. Then obviously winner fights for title.

  31. Do not confuse humble and pride with stupid and greed. Lyoto has always been a hot ticket seller for the UFC. Dana should understand that any fighter has a lot at risk when given only a 3-week notice, both mentally AND physically. It is only fair for Lyoto to be well compensated to do this “favor” for Dana to sell tickets last minute. Lyoto is not stupid enough to put his reputation in front of a hungry Evans with only a 3 week notice, at least without asking for higher pay. As Dana said, Lyoto may have not known that this “Silva money” deal attempt was made. I would think that Dana would respect Lyoto enough to have negotiated the price down from the “Silva money” amount. He would have surely attempted a negotiation with other fighters that he likes and respects.
    Granted, I regret that Lyoto should have just taken the fight (the new Lyoto would have destroyed the rusty Rashad…again) without any strings that would upset Dana, but I would think that any fighter (including Lyoto) would have enough pride than to be Dana’s bitch (to be at the bald man’s feet when called).

  32. Now that davis is out of ufc 133 and only has a 3 week recovery from a small knee strain, him and lyoto both need fights who are top 10 in the division which makes sense to put them against eachother at ufc 135, 136, 137

  33. Are you crazy?? He did the right thing not accepting the fight on 3 weeks notice. Rashad is quality and is in peak condition. Lyoto has not had to keep up his training because he doesn’t even know when his next fight will be. Well done Lyoto, don’t let Dana set you up for a loss.

  34. With this recent fiasco on Machida picking fights he is not going anywhere with the UFC, as you saw when he lost to rampage that Dana White was in no favor to give him a rematch that’s because his camp and staff is in a bad relationship with the boss. Now with this recent news that he was demanding more money, wow this is very surprising. Talk about a turnaround of personality with respect to the sport…..

  35. I use to admire Lyoto Machida, but recently it has been all about money for him. Instead of taking tough fights he’s demanding more money from what sources have indicated, if he took this fight against Rashad and win this would have catapulted him to the 205 division. That’s why Dana White has been disgusted with manager and camp because he is no longer a martial artist. Sources say he wants Anderson Silva money, well your not going to get it after loosing the belt to shogun and losing a decision to Rampage. He needs to go back to his humble ways and not pick fights….people started to like this Karate kid but money has turned him the other way.

  36. Just saw Lyoto turn down the rematch with Rashad; smart move on his part. The UFC should start acting a little wiser with its match ups though.

    Tito just whined saying he felt great and wanted to get into the mix now; he trained for a high class wrestler but refuses to fight Evans? Alright put Tito against Hamill for a retirement fight (see who loses / force retire the loser).

    Since Tito and Hamill should go together; I’m sticking to my guns saying Lyoto should make a fight date for Bonnar or Bader; both of which would make for an interesting fight for him.

    Rampage should also fight with Lyoto soon because to be honest Rampage lost the first fight; and he shouldn’t be fighting for the title anytime soon….

    Lyoto vs Bonnar 2 / Bader 1

    Tito vs Hamill 2

    Rampage vs Evans 2

    Forrest vs Jones

    Shogun vs Winner of Franklin/Nog

    Think about it guys. Its a wise match-up in my opinion…

  37. Lyoto, luta contra o Rashad…. prova seu espirito samurai e aceite esse desafio agora! Todos entendem q vc n tem mt tempo pra treinar… e dae? eh apenas um novo desafio, e encare como tal! lute, ganhe, e siga para um title shot contra rampage/jones!

  38. machida and evans 2

  39. CHAEL SONNEN! KICK HIS ASS PLEASE! He talked to much bad things about Brazil!

    Osu sensei!

  40. I am a Mixed Martial artist with emphasis on Karate and Jiu Jitsu! Lyoto vs Forrest Griffen would be a good fight!!!!!!!! If Rampage or Jones pulls out Lyoto will have a fight!

  41. Lyoto Machida is the reason I want so badly to find someone to help me acomplish something. Lyoto’s unique style in Karate proved to me that its something I definately want to learn; hell its something I NEED to learn in my life. If I had to gauge who he could fight next (just to please the baldies) then here we go…

    Lyoto beat Randy; it’s impressive but he’s an old man and not many people relished the victory for Lyoto. So moving on lets give Lyoto a “Gauntlet” so to speak – do something unique in the UFC for once…

    As soon as possible (Unless Lyoto is injured) he could face…

    Lyoto vs Bonnar 2 or vs Bader

    Winner of Tito vs Hamill 2

    If he can beat two more people I’ll say give him the go ahead to fight Forrest Griffin. Why Forrest? Because lets face it – Shogun isn’t going to beat him now.

    If he can beat Forrest then let him go to the damn dog house and “Steal the Bone” from Johnny boy.

  42. Lyoto vs Tito 2

  43. Lyoto should smash Chael into regretting all that trash talk. Lyoto has the tools to take the title off Jones.

    Greatest fighters – FEDOR/MACHIDA/MINOTAURO

  44. I thought Rashad was guaranteed a shot at Jones if beats Davis? I see him fighting the loser of Rashad v Davis or the winner of Shogun Griffin.

  45. Lyoto will fight winner of the upcoming Aug fight; davis vs Rashad Evans…take it to the bank. When he wins this fight..which he will..he will get title shot. Machida wants his title back & we will see the “machida era” once again…a humble, intelligent, & capable champion…a true leader & Martial Artist.

  46. if rua is fit he will smash forrest.

    i dont know who lyoto should fight next but i think rashad will pose more threat to him that forrest. Not sure about shogun anymore, depends on his fitness but a 3rd outing for them could be interesting but not sure if the ufc will find that sellable unless its in brazil.

  47. Hey friends,

    Actually that rumor based on all of Chael’s trash talking has been settled. Chael Sonnen is gonna be fighting Brian Stann @ UFC 136. Too bad, I would’ve loved to see Sonnen KO’d by the Dragon. Guess, we’ll just have to wait and see for Lyoto’s next opponent. I was thinking either Forrest, Shogun, or Jones as his next fight back to the title.

    WAR Machida!

  48. I thought Griffin was fighting Shogun, or is that who you meant?

  49. i have a feeling that franklin will beat rua and will meet machida for the title shot. any thoughts on that?

  50. Ah hell, look at it this way, at least there is a strong possibilty that Sonnen will finally be humbled by the most humble guy in MMA….that alone is worth the money. There was a good chance that Machida wasn’t going to get a title shot any time soon anyway, and at least this will give him more exposure and keep him “in it”, which is better than waiting and not fighting. I’m confident in Machida. I was a little worried about where his head was before he fought Couture, but based on that fight, and more so his demeanor entering the ring for that fight, a new, more deadly Machida has been born. And that’s exactly who Sonnen will have standing in front of him come fight night……good luck Chael!

  51. i do not get it,too. why sonnen? it is a step back, like mahida-tito ortiz 2. machida must fight the winner of shogun-griffin or loser of davis – rashad pairs.the problem is that the other guys are all busy now.

  52. I don’t get this. What is the upside for Lyoto?? He gets to fight a middleweight chump who would have been out for over 12 months. Sonnen is not a contender at 205 so beating him wont put Lyoto any closer to Jones. Losing to Sonnen on the other hand would finish him. With Rampage and Rashad already committed elsewhere Lyoto needs to beat a contender at 205 like Shogun or Forrest. Sonnen is a drug cheat, a fraudster and has no concept of respect. He is desperate to get his name back in lights and this fight will enable him to do that. This fight won’t help Machida’s tile prospects but I suppose It would be very satisfying to silence Sonnen with a first round KO.

  53. Lyoto will dismantle this piece of garbage.
    There will be no trash talking from Lyoto he will do his talking where it counts, in the octagon. I can’t wait for October to see Lyoto make a mockery of this classless fool who is best known for his loss to Anderson.

  54. Is this true what Vitor has been saying?
    Machida vs Sonnen UFC 136.

  55. if not jon jones, he should fight dan henderson. i think lyoto is the man to finish hendo..

  56. I’m going to predict that they give him the winner of Bader versus Ortiz. The fight would take place late fall or even December. Even though, I agree Shogun would be a good fit as well. Who knows though, right?

  57. Machida must beat Shogun. He will too. I agree with many of the former comments. Machida is a true budoka and among the few reasons why it is worth watching UFC at all. Karate!

  58. Machida VS Jones.
    Machida is the best. He is ranked 5 in the division by sherdog. That is not okey. Machida must show his skills to world. He must beat Jones. That is a match I really would like to see. Honestly more than Anderson vs GSP, because I know Anderson will eat him up. Much love to Lyoto, the samurai fighter

  59. machida is the greatest fighter ever!!! he should teach jon bones jones some respect and make him know his role .

  60. machida is the greatest fighter ever!!! he should teach jon bones jones some respect

  61. Lyoto next fight should be against Rua. Why? every one knows why.

  62. Jon Jones is strong with alot of unpredictable moves…thats how he got to where he is. BUT, Lyoto is smarter & more patient, waiting to strike. Although Jones will not tire over 5 rounds, Lyoto must strike when he can & finish him. It will not be easy but Lyoto must go in with the “eye of the tiger” & want it more…which I believe he will…


  64. Sensei Machida should fight jon jones next of course

  65. i say to beat jonny bones is to be very patient as u have in the past look for the slightest opening and attack and when u do devestate him everytime u catch him. feel him out as long as u could and capitolize on the timing , lean in and strike than back out. catch him with an ankle lock or an arm bar if possible

  66. thats y he is the best
    he is good at evrything
    anyting u put at him he will demolish
    the guy is an inspiration does not talk trash

    the real mix martial artist

  67. I hope machida can beat Jon Jones, but I think no amount of preparation would be adequate, unless you can find a training partner that has the same height and 84″ reach.

    The reason Jones is able to win is not just predicated on his reach advantage, but also his opponents lack of preparation and experience fighting someone of Jone’s reach. ie: Hamill sparring a partner who duct-taped a plunger on his hand to simulate jone’s reach.

    Without the right partner to train with, it will be difficult to emulate Jone’s style. And you need someone like Jones in order to get a better sense of distancing and timing, and formulating the best strategy to defeat him or at the very least lose a controversial decision.

  68. The Dragon should fight anyone UFC puts in front of him next, doesnt matter anyways because the Dragon will beat anyone – he’s on a roll! Did you see how he looked coming into the ring at 129? The Dragon is back!

    What Lyoto needs to do is start training for Jon Jones – NOW.

    Find his weak spots. everywhere, anywhere. have everyone on your team analyze his moves. Where is the best take down area? knees, waist? etc where does he leave himself open? especially when executing the fancy moves; are there openings there?

    Be ready for the unexpected, but in this case, most expected: ie spinning elbows and back fists, Flying front kicks, lunging longlimbed moves. Have training partners come in that can mimick those moves.
    Avoid and counter the spinning elbows; be creative, etc duck and dive? duck and overhand or hook? drop and double leg take down? When spinning where would the opening be? Think outside the box.

    Jon jones has been faced with conventional fighters; so, continue to be unconventional Dragon. Surprise him more than he thinks he will be surprising you! Mess up his game, mess up his rhythym. Feins and Fakes like a pro! You pressure him – dont let him get his rhythm. Become the rhythym meistro! Out dazzle him!

    Do not wrestle. Waste of gas. Like Sensei Seagal said “get rid of it”. Practice rolling and tumbling – be water, my friend. If it so happens that you get thrown or flipped – do not flop – but rather roll roll roll, pop up, and strike. We already seen your karate kid – now show us Dragon Ball Z! – be amazing. Out shine him.

    Have Seagall show you more deadly secrets such as Akaido moves you can use on them long limbs.

    Show the world what martial arts is all about. Surprise the world.

  69. I think Lyoto should fight the winner of bones vs rampage for real i think rashad should fight rampage again because all he did was hold him down rampage just didnt finish him.. also Lyoto vs bones is a dream fight we prob will never see

  70. i think i would lik him to fight jones for the championship becuz i know Machida can beat him

  71. Chael Sonnen is calling out Machida, while in the same sentence taking another shot at Silva and making racist remarks about Brazil. It’s on the Bleacher Report.
    What a LOSER. If ever there was a time to be humble, it would be now for this guy. At first I thought his antics before the Silva fight were just for hyping the fight, but given all that has happened in his two professional paths, I truly believe this man is a poor representation of a human being. Lyoto, don’t even dignify this man’s comments with an answer. But, if you do ever happen to fight him (unlikely anytime soon, given his indefinite suspension), make sure you crush the empty hole where his soul is supposed to be with the heel of your foot!

  72. did u see the epic most brutal karate kid kick ever dun in mma i did and i say machida deserves no.1 contender slot..but i dont call the shots im not a bald self centered egomaniac instead its givin to rampage who couldnt even finish rashad or machida or not even a top 10 LHW named hamill. rampage is gonna get elbowed and tko`d by bones

  73. Hi Lyoto
    If Jones is not on, please twitter Dana that you are willing to fight a top ten heavyweight in an exhibition.

  74. First I want to say that it’s great that there is a true karateka applying proper karate principles in the ring and using it to win fights.

    Lyoto Machida is a real legend for managing to do the above and I look forward to seeing many great fights from him.

    His book on Machida Do Karate is good to. Tai Sabaki rocks. As for who I would like to see him fight and I would like to see a rematch with Shogun

  75. rampage vs machida2 winner takes on jones and the winner of shogun vs griffin2 takes on one of those first three names i had mentioned

  76. Jéssica Sampaio

    Oi Lyoto,parabéns pela vitória…vc para mim é o melhor! eu adoraria ver vc lutando c Jon Jones,o detentor do cinturão..quero muito ver o cinturão de volta na sua cintura,combina demais com vc campeão!hahaha beeijo ;* boa sorte!

  77. Rampage is quite honest but still, How can you one minute have a 6 month suspension from the state athletic commision then your hand be okay. No decision has been made They are waiting on a x-ray result!

  78. Answer me this, how does one get doctor clearance to a fight with a fractured hand? Don’t these guys go through a thorough physical prior? If so, and Rampage’s hand is now “OK”, maybe he just made it up to excuse him from the fact that he wasn’t able to knock Hamill out, when he clearly should have. Any takers?

  79. Rampage just posted on twitter that his hand is OK and that he is back in the gym on Monday. Sad to say that this probably means that Lyoto will have to wait for his shot…..that is a shame, man that was going to be a great fight

  80. Poxa, que vergonha, somente comentários gringos, deveríamos valorizar mais nossos atletas. Machida é realmente um grande exemplo a se seguir. Gosto muito de seu estilo de luta. Espero ver você lutar por muito anos ainda Lyoto.


  81. It is being said that rampage has a fracture in his hand. If this is true machida would be a great opponent for Jones. Both in terms of ranking and style, machida makes sense. Machida karate incorporates unorthodox take downs and take down defense and may neutralize Jone’s outstanding wrestling . Also since karate is a defensive art, machida may be able to exploit Jones strikes better than a muay thai Striker who tends to be more offensive.


    I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.
    Congratulations on your victory KO of Randy Couture.
    You are most definitely on track again for the belt!
    There is NO doubt that you shall once again be LHW Champion of the World!

    Best wishes to you & your family!

    God Bless!

    Josh T

    Honolulu, HI

  83. Did you guys see the bleacher report titled “why Jon jones should prefer lyoto over rampage”. This article was so stupid! Seeing how lyoto basically won the fight with rampage! The guy was basically saying rampage would give jones more problems when actually I think it’s the complete opposite. Lyotos elusive style would gives jones plenty of problems for sure! I hope and prey that lyoto becomes champ again!

  84. Comments from Dana below:

    “If he’s okay, yeah,” UFC president Dana White answered when asked if Rampage would get the title shot versus Jones. “We’ve got to get him looked at by a doctor, then we’ll figure it out, and we’ll go from there.”

    And just where does the UFC go from there if Rampage can’t go?

    “If Rampage can’t go? Listen, we’d either have to do Machida, because Machida’s ready to go, or have him wait for Rashad,” said White. “Because Rashad is 100-percent confident that he’s gonna win this fight (against Phil Davis at UFC 133) and wants to turn right around and fight Jones, too.”

  85. I hate when a fighter wins and complains about injury

  86. Jones’ biggest asset is his size and reach. I really don’t see him as all that fast, he just uses his reach and timing to catch people. And regardless of his past fight, he still is inexperienced. Lyoto would take him to school. Karate techniques were originally designed for a smaller man against a larger man with a reach advantage a.k.a. a sword. I know that sounds a little silly, but there is still alot of truth to it and Lyoto could make his karate work for him in this situation. It would be a good demonstration of reach and timing verus speed and timing.

  87. I think lyoto machida should face jon jones because he will defanatly beat him and become the light haevy weight champion and it will take a lot to get it of him

  88. Jon Jones announced today on ESPN & MMA Bay that his first title defence will be against Lyoto Machida or Rampage In middle-end of October… Obviously Rampage is tied up with Hamill so another words Rampage beats Hamill or Lyoto gets his title shot. Which will be great to hype Dana white spoken highly of Lyoto in the past! I’m sure the candians love Lyoto now haha! And Dana white’s comments to Lyoto was hyping regarding him being cut etc… Bring on Machida vs Jones If Rampage gets it who’s next for LYoto good question?

  89. A fight with Jones is a long way off. It will be months before Jones comes back from injury to fight Rashad. It will be months again after that before anyone gets another shot and Lyoto may not even be in line for that one. If Rampage beats Hamill Dana might give it to him because it would be an easy one to promote. Assuming Lyoto keeps winning a title shot could be 12 months away.

  90. Lyoto is a very dangerous opponent to anyone. I do think Shogun won their first fight. Shogun was a bad style match for Lyoto. Lyoto, however, would have given Jones one hell of a fight by comparison to Shogun. I think Jones should compete at heavy weight, and probably will as he gets older. I want to see Lyoto fight Jones. I think Lyoto, given the title shot against Jones, has a real good chance. I really think Lyoto would probably get his title back. Lyoto vs. Hamil???? Lyoto would tear right through him. I don’t think that is a good match up for Hamil. I also think he has Rampages number if there is a rematch. Forrest Griffen???? Yes, I know he beat Shogun, but no. I don’t see that fight getting out of the first round with lyoto. I think Lyoto should fight Jones next.

  91. Gerard De Leon

    Lyoto Machida vs Anderson Silva.

    It will never happen since the two are friends, but i’m not alone when I say that it would be the best fight in UFC history. Perhaps it would have been better before the two losses, but I STILL have Lyoto winning. I really, really hope Dana sets that up.

  92. I think you should go against Jon Jones.

  93. I think he should avenge his loss on shogun and after that head for the title were he belongs. Shogun gets lucjy alot and as you can see from the randy couture vs lyoto, lyoto is pure skill and technique. The best light-heavy weight of our time

  94. Simply Jon Jones, he is considered now the best fighter since he defeated Shogun in what looked like a child play. Although Shogun looked like he is bad condition …

  95. Lyoto should most definetely get a shot at the winner of Shogun vs. Griffin for #1 contender. He already beat Rampage Jackson (regardless of politics) and he smoked Rashad Evans. I believe Lyoto is destined to be champion again and the setbacks that he has encountered, only make his spirit stronger.

  96. That would be a nice way for it to go down.

  97. Fabio from the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercials

    Either Rampage or Shogun. Until Lyoto knocks Shogun out I will feel broken inside because of what happened in their second fight. I don’t care how he beats Rampage but since he was robbed of that win he deserves a rematch. After he beats both of them I expect to see him destroy Jones and get his belt back.

  98. I expect either the winner of Griffin/Shogun or the winner of Rampage/Hammil depending on who it is. Most definitely Griffin or Shogun (who wouldn’t want to watch three more rounds of technical perfection), but if Hammil defeats Rampage, I anticipate perhaps him getting the loser of Evans/Davis. Another potential adversary is Bader.

    Personally I’d love to see Machida against a dynamic grappler. He’s demolished most strikers with apparent ease. But the only two wrestling style grapplers to his credit in the UFC are Ortiz (far past his prime) and Couture (a greco clich style wrestler). Somoene like Bader, Davis, Griffin, or Evans (#2) would give the world a very good idea of what it will look like when Jones shoots against Machida.

  99. Check out espn or mmabay Dana White is considering Jones vs Rashad/ Davies…. Rampage or Machida. Be nice surprize for machida to get title shot!

  100. Machida would whoop jones

  101. I know he’s in a different weight class, but how do you guys think Machida would fair against Cain Velesques?

  102. mauditcurieux

    Ryan Bader or Forest Griffin.

    Not interested in Shogun vs Machida III.

    Rampage vs Machida II could be interesting.

  103. Lyoto should fight Forrest Griffin.. He would make him look like a fool just as Anderson did.. I like Forrest but he doesn’t have the skillset Lyoto does.. But if that fight doesn’t happen I would like to see Rampage get what he deserves from Lyoto (shin to the chin goodnight!)

  104. Lyoto v. Forrest Griffin would be a great fight to promote and watch… or maybe throw Aldo and Faber at him at the same time… either way Lyoto wins.

  105. Lyoto vs Rampage 2 or lyoto vs Shogun 3
    then on to Jones.

    Personally, I think Lyoto would beat Jones.
    Jones is a wrestler with a copy of Anderson Silva’s standup..
    Only not as good!

    Lyoto trains with Silva! So would have no problem
    In standup. Concentrate on takedown defence and we have a
    Victory! :)

  106. SorgeElenchus

    I agree with you that Vera and Matyushenko are far below Machida on the rankings. However, everyone else besides them and Franklin are tied up with fights right now. And if we’re thinking of seeing Machida fight in Brazil, there’s not much more available to him. Personally, I think at this point he should be fighting Griffin or Bader.

  107. Lyoto should fight Forrest Griffin.
    I think it will be a good match-up between 2 former champions who are skilled in both BJJ and Kickboxing.

  108. With the addition of strikeforce many new senerios are brought to light. I’d love to see a catch weight fight between Chung Lee and Machida, their fighting styles would be very entertaining to watch.

  109. I had a vision that Machida will be a TUF 14 coach with Jones!

  110. Everything that arturo fuentes said, we agree over here!! Get the win you deserved from Rampage. I bet Rampage will not fight again though.

  111. Acredito que uma revanche contra o Rampage

    WAR MACHIDA!!!!!!!

  112. The winner of Shogun vs Griffin.

  113. i want to see lyoto KOs rampage.,

  114. kung lee vs machida is always a fight i have always wanted to see :)

  115. Vera or Matyushenko are far below than Lyoto in ranking.top 8 are rampage, rashad, lyoto, shogun, forrest,davis, bader, maybe nogiera.

  116. now that the UFC has Strikeforce I would like to see you fight Gegard Mousasi. Eventually Jones for sure too.

  117. SorgeElenchus

    I’m thinking either Vera or Matyushenko. Or a rematch with Franklin. Or if Hammill beats Rampage, somehow (better gameplan), then they could fight.

  118. I would like to say the following. Rashad beats Davis, Rampage scores victory over Hamel. then Forrest beats Shogun, yes, I think that Shogun has problems with big guys who can wresle. Where does it leave Lyoto? a rematch with Rampage. then maybe Forrest. beacause even if Shogun wins, one win is not enough. As for Rampage- he lost to Rashad, then win/loss to Machida. So, he needs at least 1-2 wins good wins. So unleass he brutally beats Hamil, I think he will have to have 1 more fight. If Forrest beats Shogun it is still early for him to fight Jones as there may be Rashad ahead of him.Should Forrest wait more than 4-6 months? or have a fight meantime.the problem is that Forrest most likely will end up injured. so, that is why Lyoto/Rampage2 will determine second contender after Rashad/Phill.

  119. Hopefully more MMA fighters will follow Lyotos example. I really think that we will see more traditional Martial arts fighters enter MMA in the future with Lyotos influence…& it will be more exciting as they bring the various techniques to MMA…

  120. Lyoto has already won the Title in my eyes…he has brought many qualities to MMA. He is humble, polite, respectfull,knows his shortcomings, strives to improve, & has an inner confidence that is the strength of his traditional martial arts background. Hopefully more

  121. Hai everyone, greeting from singapore !! Karate is back
    !! All karateka in the world should be proud of Lyoto the dragon Machida !!!! and the machida Team !! WELCOME TO THE MACHIDA ERA !!

  122. just look forward to the next fight. Keep making us proud to tell others ….”yeah that is Karate”!.

  123. Loved the fight at 129. I would like to see a fight with Tito, or Forrest…but we all know a good fight with Shogun would be awesome. Pay back would be great. Who ever you fight we will be watching.

  124. Does anyone think Dana would give him the winner of Tito and Bader? I wouldn’t put it past him. But, if he did, it would be another easy win for Lyoto. I’d love to see him throw Tito around again (that’s if he could even get past Bader).

  125. shogun is the one you must kick his ass

  126. hi guys! it was an awesome fight for Lyoto last UfC129, i think he can get the title shot knowing that he got robbed in the Rampage fight and if the next in line for the title will get injured he can step in and fight jones. he is just one of the healthiest fighter in the division.right guys?lol! anyway lyoto is a threat to bones. he can KO him out if he’ll show a real fight like he did when he was not yet a champ, like in the ortiz fight, and outside ufc fight. oh man he is so amazing!and even more perfect fighter last ufc129!he can beat jones with his style especially that he got a phenomenal camp!

  127. last i heard jones will be out for a while due to a hand “injury”. Rashad would have beaten him no problems. Jones is a good wrestler but a fit shogun would have beaten him. shogun is definitely beatable as his muy thai has taken its toll on him as thai boxing tends to in the long term. This weightclass is very hard to call. Everyone seems to have ability to beat each other.

    Great win btw Machida! Loved the interview by steven seagal and i hope true martial artists like yourself and anderson will continue to flourish over the disadvantage of the scoring systems and brawling/wrestling requirements in the UFC.

  128. ShotokanStudent

    Machida vs. Jones!

  129. i cold not agree more with Arturo Machida is a living hero and man of tremendous talent who has changed mma and the idea of what a fighter is or ever will be.

  130. Just give the “Dragon” some “Bones” to chew on (or kick around) to get it over with!

    This match will not be happening any time soon, so Lyoto will probably have to wait for Hamill to beat Rampage, Forrest to beat Shogun, and Rashad to beat Phil Davis. I guess Lyoto will be climbing up that food chain again…

    Ultimately, it is whatever that short, bald, dished-in face egomaniac wants to throw in Lyoto’s path.

  131. arturo fuentes

    it is quite obvious that he should face the winner of the rampage/hammill fight…he obviously destroyed rampage in their last fight but w the current scoring system was robbed of the decision…a knock out in a rematch would only solidify his position as the #1 in the world….then he should face the winner of shogun griffin….he must defeat shogun ….shogun must be beaten ….lyoto the dragon machida is the man that represents balance of the many disciplines in mma…he is not only the image of the few true martial artists in mma….but he must represent the values of karate in a current society of fast paced living…

  132. Rashad is guaranteed a shot if he beats Davis so it will have to be the winner of Rampage/Hamil or possibly Forrest. Judging from their last fight I’m confident Lyoto will dominate Rampage.

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