Lyoto getting ready for Couture

Fight Scheduled Sat April 30th, 6:00pm Pacific 9:00pm Eastern


  1. Hey i think your blog is good ! I found it on Yahoo. I think i will come back one day soon.

  2. I just don’t know what they were thinking poor Randy did they really think he stood any chance against the Dragon?

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  4. pekin illnois yur a fag machida would kill yur bitch ass. om another note i watched the ppv ufc 130 and oredered it not because of gsp or anyone else i first saw you in yur first title defense and u won the first 3 rounds in my opinion. shogun is a good fighter but yur great you fell in the rematch but you got back up and moved forward and thats what counts. you will be champion again you are a true warrior

  5. Lyoto is the best and he reminds me of Ryu from Street Fighter 2 ;)

  6. jones is out for a long time due to “injury”. no doubt being intensively trained in how to fight! shogun was a child in there with him and gassed like he never would have if he was fit.

    the knock out was outstanding and the interview with steven seagal was very enlightening. he basically explained that both machida and silva have the skills but they have been honing their techniques and slightly modifying them. seagal is not a joke. he is actually a master in his own right and both silva and machida are wise enough in taking advice from trusted outside sources.

    many congrats machida and look forward to seeing the elbows and punches that seagal was talking about in his interview!! :)

  7. And Jones is not a samurai either!

  8. get your belt back shogun is not a samourai.

  9. Congratulations Lyoto!! I’m a huuuuge fan! You’re an awesome fighter, amazing athlete, and humble human being. Not counting that you are smoking hot!! Cannot wait for your next fight!

  10. machida rompe en pedasos a jones jones!!!! lo noquearas eres el mejor luchador nunca dejes de pelear!!!!!

  11. I loved watching you fight! I am a new fan!

  12. I have a feeling there are some interesting rematches on horizon. for example, machida- rashad 2, machida- rampage 2, griffin- shogun 2. something tells me though, that A- Rampage will win over Hamil, B-Rashad will fight Jones, C-Shogun will loose to Forrest ( because of weak tdd),Machida will face either Rampage or Forrest for a title shot.
    What are thougts on that?

  13. Just read about your Knockout of the night bonus!!! Congratulations! Mae tobi geri paid off more than ever… Still can’t get over that! Watched it a dozen times. Love it! Can’t wait for you next opponent. Osssss!

  14. Dana may not give you a good opportunity next up, timing is not right. Consider moving to heavy weight and getting the most coveted title!!!

  15. tough for randy but beautifull beacause it was from you an other humble human legend.

    Fl444t from france

  16. finally! Lyoto you did it! what a relieve now! superb timing and accuracy. not many people in UFC could do it. Lyoto, A.Silva, GSP and may a couple more. Applied karate in action looked good! Osu

  17. Lyoto, eu e minha esposa(natural de Belém), torcemos muito por você e ficamos emocionados junto com você.

    Acredite em seu potencial, logo você estará novamente com o cinturão e escreverá uma grande estória nas páginas do UFC.

    Parabéns pela luta!

    Força guerreiro e fique com Deus…OSS!

  18. lyoto machida! You’re the best clever fighter! I love your unique style in taking down your oponents. Long live machida karate_ossss!

  19. Após derrotar o Couture eu virei fã! A luta foi fera. Parabéns!!

    ee site em PORTUGUÊS!! abrç

  20. you r back! what a great fight! you can beat anyone win you r in the game zone etc! my hero u made my nite! great fight!

  21. The Dragon is Risen

  22. First, Parabems Lyoto! Second, the jumping front-snap kick that Lyoto used is also a TaeKwonDo basic kick. Thekey is to use it alng with striking & kicking feints & very effective footwork. The problem with many UFC wrestler is that they dont practice footwork much which is standard martial arts practice. I think that you will see many more traditional martial artists in MMA as time goes on. Thanks Lyoto for your example to others…

  23. lyoto congrats on the win over randy , you made my night win you beat. now i wanna see that belt around your waist were it belongs . love ya lots lyoto

  24. Machida, you were a class act last night! win or lose, you don’t engage in any silly trash talk and you show respect to your opponents. To me, that is more important than any W or L on a score card!

  25. the returne of the dragon

  26. I read yesterday that Lyoto credited Steven Seagal with teaching him the jumping mae geri. I find this strange and hard to believe. It is the most under used techinique in MMA but it’s a bread an butter technique to any karateka. I am a goju ryu practioner but I’m assuming it’s a common technique in Shotokan too? Lyoto must have been drilling this technique in his Dad’s dojo since he was a toddler. He just proved yesterday to all the haters that you can’t underestimate karate, something his fans on this site have known all along.

  27. Wow Lyoto that kick was amazing, to say the least. I have been such a huge fan since the the first time I saw you fight (against Tito Ortiz). You have probably been the single biggest inspiration in my life. A true hero.

  28. Flying Mae Geri with perfect technique! Extending and, using the ball of you foot. That is just pure karate. I’m sure you have been drilling Mae Geri since you were 3 yrs old! The most basic kick, but oh so effective. To make it a flying one too! So amazing to see Karate represented so well in MMA. What a highlight reel KO, and what a legend in the sport to have been your opponent. You could see how high the emotions were in that octagon last night. What a way to light that fire back! From one fellow karate ka to another! Ossss!

  29. a legendary move for a legendary opponent. awesome kick, just awesome. even better than the buzzer beater knockout of thiago silva ( 1st round 4:59). thanks lyoto machida.

  30. Well done Lyoto. Listen to your Dad, fight YOUR fight – Karate will never fail you. You will be successful. I hope you get to win your belt again. God bless! Enter the Dragon!

  31. Dear, Lyoto!

    What a spectacular fight! You did an awesome job and executed your game-plan to the teeth. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on an EPIC KNOCKOUT! The Karate Kid delivered a vicious karate kick as a good retirement gift to the Natural.

    Bless you Lyoto, you shall be CHAMPION AGAIN, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!


    Josh T

    A longtime and loyal fan of yours from Honolulu, HI

  32. Great fight Lyoto! I love the flying maigeri!

  33. Tony Kovachev

    You are a brilliant fighter.

  34. The torch has now been passed to you. A great fight Lyoto.
    *bows* oss!

  35. Thank you Lyoto for protecting Karate ! And it was an epic knockout keep going and take the belt again. Good luck

  36. Lyoto Machida is my idol!!

  37. Congrats Lyoto! Amazing…….and I too, am speechless…

  38. I am speechless Lyoto.
    Now I hope people will finally respect you and the martial art that you so greatly represent. I am a proud Shotokan practitioner tonight.
    Domo Aragoto,

  39. Marcela Fiscina

    Parabéns!!!! Luta perfeita contra o Randy. Aquelas brincadeiras com as mãos quase me mataram, aliás, toda luta sua eu quase infarto!!! Continue assim com essa Garra, esse equilíbrio… torço muito por vc!

  40. Parabéns Machida!!!! Mandou muito bem hoje, com essa garra você volta a ser o campeão!!!


  41. Pekin Illinois

    Hey fag again ur fixin to recieve a beatdown im callin it bitch. DONT RUN EITHER PUSS!!!

  42. Good Luck Machida! Our house , USA, is cheering for you!!!!! Gina, Chris, and our son, we want you to win, always!!!!

  43. <3 good luck for tonight …. you will make my night if you win :D

  44. Best of luck to Lyoto…I for one am cheering the on Brazilians…here in Toronto

  45. OSS!

  46. I respect Randy alot… And I felt quite sorry for him yesturday he didn’t look great. But Lyoto itr my hero, inspiration, and I try to imimate him in training and his life. I have the utmost respect for Randy! But this fight is already lost Expect an early and dramatic first round finish. DON’T BLINK!!!!!

  47. I saw the weigh-ins! Lyoto was definately confident and he looked concentrated and focused I loved it! He also looked in great shape! Was awesome and great to see… Also Randy looked skinny, his abs were shaky his chest etc… Not that how the body looks but it gives you a greater sense of confidence! It appears that Randy’s body is finally had enough haha! he’s just losing his physique. He didn’t look confident he looked nerveous. Machida already won the first round via K.O :D

  48. Watching the UFC129 weigh-ins yesterday, I noticed that Lyoto is much more focused & seems totally confident.In fact, I thought that Randy seemed more nervous with his facial expression & grin. I think that this will be Machidas night…Go Machida Karate!

  49. Tony Kovachev

    Go Lyoto!!! You’re the best!

  50. I third that motion! Lyoto via 2nd round TKO/KO

  51. Cade o site em português?

  52. I second that TKD fan.
    Slice through him like a sword Machida!

  53. Anyone who has studied traditional martial arts knows that it takes years to perfect your strikes & footwork. I get really tired of wrestlers ditzing real martial arts…its like boxers believing they can enter the octagon or vice-versa. Couture is strong, dont let his age fool you…but he doesnt have the speed that Machida has…& that will be his defeat. The Dragon will win,fight one more time after & then face Jon Jones…

  54. Good luck champ. I have no doubt you will get back to your winning ways. Once again, you have refused to trash talk and as always remain respectful. You are a true martial artist and a gentleman. It’s a shame so many people (Dana included) don’t get how great you are in both your fighting style and your character. Good luck to GSP too, another guy who knows respect.

  55. Anyone who trains traditional karate knows it takes years to truly master and effectively train its techniques and timing. Couture training with a karateka before a fight is a joke. Even if he understands the timing, it doesn’t mean he will actually be able to defend it. Knowing and doing are 2 different things. Couture is a white belt as far as karate goes; he should stick to his own speciality instead of trying to understand an art that can’t learned if 5 simple lessons. But then, I hope he does try, then Machida can truly “school” the Natural.

  56. I was at the USA NKF international karate tournament in Las Vegas last weekend. Couture is taking karate lessons from Hiroshi Allen in Las Vegas, a successful karate tournament fighter. Couture believes he is best against a striker because he can time the strikes and take his opponent down.
    Randy Couture is underestimating the diversity Lyoto Machita, timing just the most basic tournament strikes.
    Lyoto, you bring more to the striking game than Couture expects. Mix up your strikes and angles. I’ll bet that you can catch Couture and stun him or knock him out. If he can’t take you down before you damage him with strikes, he is in trouble. Best of Luck!!

  57. Good luck Lyoto!!!!

  58. Dear Machida,

    You are my favorite UFC fighter. I’m a kungfu, Eagle Claw, practitioner. My advice is to Eat healthy, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and get adequate sleep and rest. Rest at least one day each week for the body and mind and spirit to recuperate and you will be ready for any fight. I really hope you win this fight and get a shot at the title again. Be aggressive but not too aggressive that you leave yourself open. The aggressiveness is just to land you some points with the judges so that there will be no mistake like the “Rampage” fight. Good luck and God bless.

  59. U da best:-)

  60. well, hands down is because of the shotokan stance. so, switching to boxing stand up without changing the footwork is very difficult. and karate is still very effective, the problem is that when Lyoto is attacking he is doing it in a linear way and keeping the hands down. the outcome we all saw in a fight with shogun 2. I have a feeling that Randy will try to use what shogun did and what rampage failed to do- catch machida attacking, keep the head down and throw wild overhand. also, machida is slowly but progressively using less kicks. he seems to to be stuck in between karate and karate+mma (like GSP has evolved). I really want him to win but i am worried about this one. Funny, IMHO, but Lyoto would have less troubles with guys like Rashad or Forrest.

  61. Hands down or not, Couture’s punches aren’t fast enough to catch Machida. He’ll know he’s coming, before Couture knows he’s coming. Years of karate training teach a person that.

  62. MauditCurieux

    The hands down in the video is definitely a problem. I think it has to do with years of Karate training instead of close combat. I am sure Couture will come up with a clever plan. Machida better be ready or else it will be sayonara to UFC…

  63. on the video Lyoto still keeps his hands down. this is a very bad sign. I really want him to win but Randy is still a good fighter. if not taken care early, he (Randy) could be more difficult that Rampage. in the fight with Rampage, if Lyoto had landed just 1-2 more body kicks like he did with Shogun I, Lyoto would have won the fight.Lyoto really must win this time.

  64. Lyoto I wish you the best of luck in your fight. Every since you came into the UFC you and your style have had me a fan. Your a class act Lyoto. Now go kick Randys old ass.

  65. Enter the Dragon. Time to get back on a winning streak. Too bad it is the Natural. I like him, but it will be Lyoto’s night. Good luck and God bless!

  66. This fights stays on the feet and Lyoto hurts Randy with everything! He is also more focused as Randy wants to be an Actor!

  67. Lyoto, I’m very excited to watch you vs Randy! Randy is talking alot about you ‘running’ and ‘being scared’ he is an intelligent guy he knows that’s not the case and he knows and admires your style he’s trying to make you attack first and be more agrressive. It’s going to be a domination I see you using Judo trips to sweep and Sumo to spin off and push him away like you’ve done to thiago silva and tito ortiz with great effect. I know you will win anything can happen but your a far too all rounded and prepared to lose! Randy is not going to defend your style, I believe in your fluid skills and am 100% Confident Lyoto OSS my friend OSS!

  68. From a fellow traditionalist………best of luck in your next fight.

    Mr. Machida……I have been trying to email you about our company doing a professional martial arts photo shoot with you. Please let me know if that is at all possible. Our work is world-renown, I’m a Correspondent Photographer for Tae Kwon Do Times (open to all styles) and our Facebook Page is currently at 2.1 million+ Page Views per month. I posted the pic of you doing a flying sidekick with the most perfect form to a bag and our fans went crazy – almost 200 likes/comments in the first 24 hours. It would be an honor.

    Please let us know…..


  69. im a fan of yours,good luck with your fight..
    you’ll gonna be the winner.

  70. Lyoto’s record says 2 losses but we all know there is truly only 1 loss!
    It will stay that way on April 29th.
    Machida rocks!

  71. It is sad that Randy’s last fight will be a loss. He will always be the Natural, but it is time for the Dragon to return. Watch for the short single leg, what he did againist Toony. I’m looking forward to your post-fight victory speach. You are the best.

  72. You are the BEST..My boyfriend and I met you in the las Vegas airport after the UFC expo took a picture with him!! You told us you were late but you were so kind to take the picture still!! You are a class act!! MY boy friend paul sanchez is a huge UFC Fan ever since we first saw you rightwe were hooked!! you are the BEST we cant wait to see you fight again!!!

  73. Very best of luck to you Lyoto! Have been counting the days till this fight… Can’t wait to see this Sat. April 29th. From one fellow Karate Ka to another. Ousssssss!!!

  74. i agree with every fan of Lyoto the dragon Macida his unique style,his determination to be the best in the UFC is a very motivational key concept to the fans and many others. Lyoto Macida is the best and i and many other fans wish you good luck in your upcoming fight

  75. It’s not the style that wins the fight, without the fighter, the style is nothing. It is the good fighter that makes any particular style a good style for him. The style has no power within it’s self, only the power in which we give it when we apply what we learn.
    Lyoto The Dragon Machida Best Fighter Ever.

  76. Inspirational. Oss Sensei!

  77. mohamed salah

    u r the best fighter in the world, good luck in your next fight u r gonna knock him out

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