Why Lyoto thinks Rampage is an ‘Ideal’ Opponent

Lyoto has been training at the Black House gym in LA with Anderson Silva, the Nogueira Brothers, Mark Munoz, and his Brothers. Check out this recent interview with him during his time at Back House, July 2010.


  1. I usually enjoy your blog posts but maybe this time you might have been too tired while writing because your writing it feels rushed.

  2. I am also now a fan of Rampage since the Lyoto fight. I think Rampage lost but he showed alot of respect in the way he conducted himself. That is the mark of a true martial artist and I was surprised by it. He also actually participates in the discussions on his web page which is great for his fans.

  3. Rampage and Thiago Silva have verbally agreed to fight at the end of May. UFC 130 I believe. That should be a good one; I’ll cheer for Rampage, first because I don’t like Thiago, and second because I was impressed with the respect he showed in the fight with Lyoto which he “won”.

  4. Agreed. I would love to see some of the top fighters switch to Strikeforce. Maybe then Dana would realise that he has to start treating his fighters and the fans with more respect.

  5. Lyoto Machida may consider switching to Strikeforce…if Dana keeps up his “anti-machida” antics. In the UFC, machida should fight someone like Jon Jones, which is his caliber. If dana white keeps ditzing you Machida…go clean house at Strikeforce…kill that King Mo, make lots of $$ doing so…& put Strikeforce on the map…you & Fedor…

  6. Yeah, not sure what the upside is for Lyoto. Randy isn’t in the running at 205 so what will a win for Machida actually do for his title aspirations? But if he loses his 3rd in a row to a 47 year old he will be seen as a chump and will find it difficult to get into contention.

  7. Couture’s fight with Toney was a farce. He’s a sentimental favourite who has probably gone on too long. But like Chuck, Dana keeps giving them fights because they are money makers. I know Chuck just retired but him and his glass jaw will probably be back before long.

  8. I consider this to be a bizarre, yet nonetheless “interesting” fight.
    People say that Couture has been doing novelty fights. But I was thinking, with no disrespect to Couture’s ability (more just playing the devil’s advocate than anything else), isn’t any Randy Couture fight a type of novelty? Don’t a lot of people pay just to see what a 47+ year old man can still do in the octagon? I’m starting to sense this.

  9. Machida to fight Couture at UFC 129 in April on same card as GSP. This will be good.

  10. Parabens pela luta Lyoto.Ganho claramente o primeiro round. Vc foi garfado. Valeu por representar nosso karate.Oss

  11. Well Dana White said on a Q & A showing that one day after the Rampage fight, Lyoto rang Dana and wants to get straight back and will fight tomorrow… Dana’s response was expect Lyoto back ‘very soon’ next thing then Cotoure wants Lyoto think they could be selling it, prehaps that’s on Dana’s mind! I just want Lyoto back in ASAP, I love to see Lyoto fight, but I can’t see how beating Randy would put him up the rankings at the moment Lyoto is 4th sooooo…… I have no idea what’s going to happen. Lyoto definately shouldn’t switch because he did that in the Shogun fight, I think he should fight his fight and maybe get a little more aggressive I pretty much agree with what you have said!!!!!

  12. it would definitely work, its used in fighting in general the SEN. I’m training more in boxing and thai boxing recently, my shotokan instructor of 10 years moved too far away, and you get fighters of different styles there, counter punchers and more agressive fighters who work out your timing and are always first to the punch to you, very frustrating!

    i think we are all likely minded enough to not want to see brawlers trading punches.

    who do people think machida should fight next? i think the randy cotore fight would be a waste of a chance to climb that lhw ladder.

  13. Okay. I think I should educate people on different Shotokan fighting strategy/timing. There are several, but two main types employed. One is called Go No Sen timing, which is basically counter acting, translated: “taking the inniative later”. This is what Lyoto uses and feels comfortable with, in fact its what he used alot in his karate competitions. BUT, this is not the only strategy, and many uneducated people who don’t study Shotokan, don’t know of the other strategy. It is called Sen timing (“taking the inniative first), and it is more risky. It involves tuning more intuitively into your opponent, sensing for mental or physical “gaps” and then attacking:
    A. either just as he attacks, thereby catching him before he completes his punch/kick
    B. attacking the moment a mental “gap” is sensed and catching him flat footed
    C. catching him the moment you “sense” the attack is coming, but BEFORE he actuals moves.
    His brother Chinzo is more of a SEN fighter, and was effective at it. If Lyoto chooses to stick to his traditional rootes, BUT become more aggressive, this is the strategy I believe he should utilize. It is more risky, but when it works, the opponent has no chance to counter, he’s “finished”. I’ve used it myself in karate competitions and had it used on me, its ultra humbling from either perspective. Of course I know this is MMA, and maybe it wouldn’t work, but its has to be better than just standing and trading punches, waiting for the first person to get hit/knocked out.
    SEN or GO NO SEN are actually swordsman strategies created by the Samurai and also used in Kendo competitions. They are old and not soley unique to traditional karate.

    This is just my traditional karate perspective, and I’m sure some will disagree. I’m really just trying to educate people that their is more to Shotokan than meets the eye. OSS!

  14. I agree with Hooman, I am huge Lyoto fan, but Lyoto was figured out by Shogun, the first fight was very close, it could have been a draw. On the second fight he got knocked out. Search on you tube Shogun preparing for the first fight, he had a guy imitating Lyoto’s moves and he was countering those moves with leg and body kicks. Also agree with you Hooman, Lyoto needs to be more aggressive, he needs to evolve and plan according to the fights.
    I remember a while back a commentator on HBO talking about how De la Hoya and B. Hopkings “Steal” rounds they get really busy at the first 10 seconds of the round and on the last 10 seconds, why? because judges remember more the beginning and the end of every round.
    That is why many people insist the Shogun wont the first fight, he won the last round clearly and we tend to remember the ending more, than what happened in the middle rounds.

  15. I love that very significant point Peter!

  16. exactly and that is the problem with waiting to counter punch. machida needs to figure out a way of not always being the counter puncher. switch stances and throw kicks so wresters cannot take you down. the ufc is mma, the ethos of karate is self defence hence always starting with a block, machida karate must find a way of using karates aggressive elements to mix up the counter punching with being the aggressor, easier to say than done so good luck with that mr machida!

  17. Peter I think the reason Machida wasn’t aggressive in the 1st and 2nd as he was in the 3rd was because as a karate man yourself you will know that Lyoto is a counter puncher so Lyoto had more chances to counter at this point Rampage didn’t do much in the 1 and 2 wouldnt kick with lyoto chased him but didnt swing in the 3 he went for the K.O and got countered, hurt and dominated

  18. “GSP did “finish” Koshcheck…..he took his soul!” great quote peter, inspired!! :)

  19. i meant shogun in the last paragraph. rashad will beat shogun!! :)

  20. Come on guys, i love machida but shogun did figure him out in the first fight and the second was a knockout. Both were great fights. I had machida win the first one as he was actually going for head shots over leg and body shots. shogun used the idea most fighters use against mayweather. If you cant get his head go for his body/legs etc, great tactic. I also think both fighters were overtaken by pride in the first fight, both trying to finish the other with their respective “art” i.e karate vs muay thai. Great fights, was just disapointed for machida as he was actually winning the 2nd fight until that punch.

    i really do think rashad has the style to beat machida. because of the rules of the ufc wrestlers have a big advantage with point scoring for take downs. it think it will go the same way as the rampage fight for rashad. lots of take down, machida type elusiveness and will almost get knocked out when he’s tired at the end but he will win it…. errr…. i think!! haha

  21. Interesting perspective. Lyoto lost to Shogun because he wasn’t fighting his “natural style”, therefore Lyoto’s true style was not figured out by Shogun. Agreed. And although Shogun did hurt Lyoto in their first match, and gave him the best fight of everyone so far, he still lost the decision and wasn’t able to knock him out. Again, unable to figure out Lyoto’s style. Agreed. As far as Rampage, ya Lyoto beat him and he got robbed, although I do feel Lyoto could have been more aggressive in the first two rounds like he was in the 3rd. But hey, he was in the octogan, not me. And I’m sure things are different when you’re in there, versus just watching.

  22. This all brings back to me! What Lyoto said to Rashad! ‘Rashad cannot defend my style no one can!’ Machida has come off 2 losses and still no one has managed to defend it! Coutoure wants to try and solve this puzzle! A knock out by shogun when Lyoto wasn’t fighting his style more like Wanderlei Silvas’ haha! And a controversial decision loss to Rampage by my oppinion which he actually won! Coutoure did yes! I’d like to see the fight! Lyoto would win if he fought his fight! Make it happen Dana!

  23. What I like about this is that one of the most respected and experienced fighters in MMA is picking Lyoto as one of the final opponents he would like to fight to end his career. I think that says he has a lot respect for Machida, considering lately everyone is being quick to “write Machida off”. I think that was a huge compliment by way of Couture, even though I agree Randy would be in over his head. Didn’t Couture even have Machida winning the Rampage fight?

  24. Machida is too good to fight Couture. I respect Couture but he is old and should quit while he is ahead. Machida – Jones would be much nicer.

  25. So it sounds like Randy Couture wants a piece of Machida. What are everyone’s thoughts on that? He also wants Shogun, but politically speaking, the Machida fight would be more likely to happen, since Shogun has the belt.
    Are you all still “alive” out there? There hasn’t been much activity on this site for awhile.

    Anyways, happy holidays to you all!

  26. Dana should change the name UFC, to UKC: Ultimate “Knockout” Challenge, since that’s how he wants all his fights to end. OR, keep the acronym UFC, but changes the word “fighting” to “finishing” and call it the Ulimate “Finishing” Challenge! He doesn’t seem to realize, or care, that you can “finish” an opponent mentally, without actually knocking the guy out or submitting him. Rampage was “mentally” finished, as he acknowledge Lyoto as the winner, and that he (Rampage) got his butt whooped.
    Also, look at GSP/Koshcheck. I’m sorry, but Koshcheck was beat mentally long before the fight ended. His orbital bone was hurting so bad, he couldn’t even put together a combination. So in that scenario, GSP did “finish” Koshcheck…..he took his soul!

  27. It’s going to be sooo close, as much as i’d love to see Rashad beat shogun I don’t see it happening. Look atthe fight Machida vs Shogun the first time Lyoto fought Shogun, Lyoto took alot of punishment to his legs and body. Rashad will not be able to take that kind of punishment, if there both atthere best it will be very close… Shogun coming off big surgery man…. So we will see how the champ does. Lyoto was always going to try and submit Rampage he was with AKA on the wrestling he spoke about Rampage being not good off his back, he’s a black belt in BJJ so why not? he was training with Steven Seagull too. Dana don’t like Lyoto because of his style… He likes the loud mouth, unintelligent fighters who playa 50/50 game he’s a business man end of. Lyoto has told him after the first fight with shogun that Dana is simply selling the fight saying it was contraversial etc…. and Lyoto told him again the otehr day, I don’t Dana really likes the Brazilians unless there champs and even then it’s not good ha….. He’s only pulling off an even in Brazil because of the Olympics Lyoto is intelligent he WILL be champ again as long as he fights his fight! OSS

  28. Rashad will beat Shogun with his wresting and that may set up a rematch so Lyoto is doing a good thing in training on his wrestling. Lyoto needs to needs to be a bit more agressive in the Octagon, use Karates advantage over other styles of fighting by switching up stances. Most other martial arts always stand “left foot forward”. Also when on the ground you need to ground and pound, I really thought once you mounted Jackson you would have started throwing your hands and finishing the fight. The UFC is MMA so only Karate will not be enough. The decsion to rampage was close but I also get the feeling White has a problem with Machida, can anyone shed some light on this?

  29. I haven’t heard anything, Dana White would normally speak to the manager etc I don’t think he will say anything it isn’t the first time Lyoto spoke his mind to Dana good for Lyoto!!!!

  30. Has anyone heard if Dana White has responded to these comments yet?

  31. Obviously alot of tension between White and Lyoto. The Dragon will never get the opportunity to prove how great he is while Dana is calling the shots.

  32. Here’s a quote from Lyoto Machida, It’s not exactly new you may have already heard it…

    ”Thank you all for the support. I think I’ve won, but I have to respect the judges work. Making mistakes or not, there were trained to be there, so I can’t judge them”…..“My father has always taught me since I was little on my Karate competitions, that there were unfair outcomes: ‘Son, you can’t blame the judges, the responsibility of winning or losing is all yours. You have to be the best so they can’t say otherwise. They can give the win for either one of you, if they want to’”….. “I was glad with my performance, with my preparation. My team did a great job. Its outcome wasn’t anyone’s fault. If it happens, it was the way it was supposed to happen, I have to learn something from it”….. “As for my boss, I won’t waste any time talking about him. As he said: he’s the president, he can do whatever he wants to. Who am I to argue with someone who talks like that and thinks he’s always right?”.

  33. Opinions are like tattoo’s, alot of people have them, but few people have ones with any real meaning.

  34. Machida has been found out. He will not will another fight in the UFC and will retire after the next one.

  35. James Martinez

    you are a great karateka machida dont worry about a loss you have inspired me through my experience in karate and wrestling you are one off my favorites and will be loyal fan till the end fuck a loss machida karate forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Everyone loses sometime, is a big burden to stay undefeited, Ali lost many times, Ray Robinson, who was the greates fighter ever put a pair of gloves, lost a few. Lyoto probably will lose again sometime. A lot of people does not like Lyoto style, Lyoto is a very technical guy, not drunk ass browler. Look at the UFC now, more and more boring wrestling.

  37. Why hasn’t Dana put an interim title on the line at 205? How long do we have to wait for Shougun. This is ridiculous !!!!

  38. Henrique Camara

    Lyoto is much better than Rampage!!!..Dana White is a big idiot!!..Don’t worries about that Lyoto, Dana White doesn’t like Brazilians and Brazilians doesn’t really like him!

    Keep going Lyoto..congratulations!!!

  39. If Don King and Vince McMahon (WWE) had a love child it would be Dana White. He built a great thing but is now destroying it by assuming that everyone wants to see all fighters use the same style. He has lost touch and insults UFC fans with this attitude. He has too much control and needs to step back if the UFC is going to maintain its integrity.

  40. Never thought I would post a comment on a UFC chat room because I’ve never really thought that anything was wrong with how Dana has managed things. I respect Dana for bringing the sport to where it is today. My father and I started watching UFC since the beginning. We didnt have much money so it meant that much more to me as a little kid having my father order these fights, especially while we witness the fall of currupt boxing.

    I’ve learned in business and in life that you can either fight or adapt to change and I think for the most part Dana has done a great job adapting and fighting for todays mainstream UFC.

    I do feel a connection to the sport because Ive seen it grow since the beginning and I felt that I have no bias to the Rampage vs Machida fight because I respect them both as fighters and just wanted to see a good fight…

    However after taking sometime after the fight to think about what had happen I still feel sour. Its MMA (not boxing)and since the beginning we’ve seen champions of different styles come and go. I think its obvious what type (style) of champion Dana wants, whether the fans like it or not, whether it was right or wrong.

    I dont want to see UFC fall of the earth like boxing. As paying fans we need to demand fights like this get fix so it doesnt happen again in the future. Maybe changing the rounds from 3 to 4… a better evaluation of judging (which im not sure how its conducted currently)… are a few suggestions and im sure others have better suggestions…

    Finally, I know this forum is mainly set for fans to vent and are rarely looked at by the fighters and Dana, but my deepest respect goes out to Lyoto. It sucks seeing that L on your record, however I truly hope you use this fight as inspiration for future fights. Every educated viewer who watched the fight knows that you won… Those that are stuck working at an office are working for someone else. You not only have a special talent but your not working for anyone but yourself. Dont buy into what Dana wants… Im sorry but in a sport like this the fighters should determine the outcome not the one cracking the whip… I hope im wrong and we can get it this right.

    Btw, Im sure Vegas brings some good cash, but those fans in Detroit were great!

  41. I agree. Dana White doesn’t like Lyoto, and that is the ONLY reason that he won’t let the rematch happen.
    As far as Lyoto Machida’s fighting style is concerned, watching him is equivalent to “poetry in motion”. He put the “art” back in martial arts! OSS!

  42. Dana White is a buisnessman, and by that he is a bullshitter and, and over oppinioned arsehole who’s up his own arse, he Lyoto isn’t his best fan! Lyoto will be back the journey continues this loss even though it wasn’t one will not change his course! Lyoto definately is like a snake amazing elusive and accurate! When he hits you your dazed! Look what he did to Rampage 2. I think Bader will overcome Jones, Machida vs Jones!!!!!!

  43. so i watched this fight live and feel that machida was robbed. the judges and or mma staff and organization need to improve there quality of making such judgments , especially when it comes to a fighters legacy let alone his career. rampage gave his win to machida is what i saw even though its unofficial we know the fans know and anybody who truly pays attention to mma and understands the concept of a fight from beginning to end. i believe that dana white has got his head in his butt , its all about what he wants and doesnt want all of a sudden. this man is a joke, sure he did what he did with the ufc and what not at the end of the day its about making money i guess when it should be about the sport about the fans and about calling a fuckin fight the way its suppose to be. props to rampage for realizing he lost and that he was awarded the win regardless of the few stikes he took. i think jones will beat bader and machida will get the loser and page will get jones to determine the next contender. shogun is a great fighter but the fans cant wait in between title defenses for his deteriating knee conditions and injurys never the less id love to see jackson vs shogun…and hoping machida comes back i watched this sport since 98 and learbed to respect all aspects of mma ,m lyoto to sum maybe boring but to me and alot of others watching him is exciting hes like a snake in out and very dangerous if he lands his strike..hope to c the dragon on top by the beginning of 2012

  44. Kevin, which website? I’m the same, I have much more appreciation for the skill involved in having a good ground game since training BJJ within my MMA class.

  45. Jeremy from Brussels

    Hello Lyoto. No doubt you won !
    Some of Ufc fans don’t understand your technic. Some of judges too ! For me it’s simply the best in the world.
    Your are fast,full master technic, whit great conditionning, very tactical, a complete athelete. But the most important for me, is your respectfull.
    Inside and outside the octogone ! That’s the way to be great champion that you are. You give a very positif image of the fightsport to the world. You made the difference !
    Keep it up Dragon !

  46. Karateka from Germany

    hello lyoto…im a big of you..i just want ro write you because you are the best karate fighter in the world and you have represented our style in the octagon very well.
    You have clearly won the last fight against rampage..no doubts about your win. The first two rounds were even but in the last round you have shown your superiority.
    I think all the people watching ufc dont like your style because they dont want to accept that traditional martial art work in the octagon. They dont know anything about karate and karate tournaments.
    The decision was for rampage because dana hates you since your win against shogun. Dont care about such people! You are a great champion they want to take you down! Dont let them do this! All the karate fighters are behind you and we will support you for ever!
    You have shown all the world that you are the best fighter..im very proud of you that you have represnted karate so well..
    i wish you goog luck for your future and i hope that you keep forward and win your belt back!

  47. That’s good man! Did you get to look at that website? Also very expierenced! I find the ground game exciting, it’s so crucial to MMA, I hated it at first when I first watched UFC because my first fight I wanted was LEsnar and Mir 1 and being boxer minded I thought Submissions where shit…. I’m going for JDS more fluid striker, has more power and of course technical….. I also think Cain is going to have trouble getting the fight to the ground. After Lyoto mines gotta be GSP, Wanderlei, Cigano! I think GSP will take this easier he can put all his skills together and fight the fight where he wants to that’s why he’s so talented he absolutely knows he can dictate where the fight takes place. It’s going to be very intresting Kos knows what GSP wrestling is like this time so I see it more of a standing battle…

    Jon Jones would be a decent opponent. Lyoto wil be back soon i’m sure!

  48. 我曾哥,在格斗界的地位谁不知道? 我愿意跟这位先生来打一场!

  49. 这个帅哥,我喜欢!

  50. Kevin, I am in Australia and have been a kareteka for about 15 years now (started when I was 20) and am a sandan (3rd dan) in traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu. I’ve been doing MMA for about a year now. My ground game needs alot of work but its great to be learning something new.

    Cain or JDS is a tough one. This should be a great fight. I think JDS is technically a better striker and hits harder. I think if they stand and bang JDS could win the day.

    GSP all the way. My favouraite fighter after Lyoto. GSP is too well rounded and too disciplined and should pick apart the crazy and erratic Koschek style.

    Jon Jones would be a good opponent. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

  51. Jamie what’s your story? what’ your journey? Cain or Cigano? me and Ryu the legend been discussing it exciting! GSP or KOS- GSP of course right? what you think guys! I’d like to see Lyoto vs Jon Jones next!

  52. Kevin, most people (like me) do it the other way around. Traditional martial art first and then MMA. I’m sure you will love it and your MMA training will have prepared you well. Depending on what style of Karate you choose you will probably find alot of similarities, and you have obviously already learned the respect that a traditional martial art teaches so you sound like the perfect student. Good luck on your journey.

  53. Hey Kevin. I only train traditional karate (shotokan), but have been doing so for the past 24 years, started when I was eight years old. I train in the same international federation that Lyoto grew up with: International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF). I am 2nd dan (2nd degree blackbelt), and I am soon to grade for my 3rd in the New Year. I have competed for my country internationally for the past four years, and nationally for the past eleven. My Sensei has competed against Lyoto and 2 of his fellow Brazilian teammates in Team Kata (this was 10 years ago). My Sensei has also fought Lyoto’s brother Chinzo in kumite at another international competition many years ago. Even though I don’t compete in MMA, I enjoy watching the sport and especially Machida and how he has put Shotokan (or an evolved MMA form of it) on the MMA map! I hope you get a chance to train karate someday, just look for a traditional based school if you want to learn the same system as Lyoto! Take care my brother! OSS!

  54. Thankyou my friend. It’s good to see you also train MMA it’s great man, I respect that in any human being, Domo Aragoto or thankyou too! I have trained and do train MMA but I haven’t had the priviledge to train Karete this is my newest dream… There’s no places nearby to train Karete I’d like to move areas in the near future to fufil my dream the fact is my hero is an amazing fighter and someone who’s ledgendery to me Ryu is also a black belt in Karete he’s very determined for me to start it…. And I will what MMA do you do? what grades? sorry for misguiding you but Ryu has taught me the word OSS and I love it maybe one day I will be here speaking to someone who is considering Karete!

  55. Kevin my friend, if you appreciate and understand the meaning of “OSS!”, then I can tell you have trained in traditional karate, as have I(all of my life in fact). I wish more people would take the time to study and appreciate this martial art, as it truly is has an impact on one’s understanding of respect and humility (as seen in Lyoto). Domo Aragoto my friend! OSS!

  56. Those who train MMA will know that MMA is all about inflicting as much, accurate acute, technical punches, doing as much damage to your opponant and receiving no significant damage no one does this better then Lyoto Machida. I can say this ” Thou shall believe people who say, “Oss!” it’s not running away it’s true intelligence.

  57. Lyoto is my favorite fighter, I practice Karate myself, but I think he needs to make adjustments. Now, I am not claiming to be an expert, but here are easy things Lyoto.

    1 – low kicks, the inside low kick, he leans back too much, hence no power. That kick is good for setting something else, but just kicking and pulling back does not do a lot. I rather have him torque his body to his right and but more power in to it connecting with the shin and no with the instep, hitting right below the knee. More powerful and painful for the opponent. Also low kicks outside of the legs with more power using the shins. He connects but using his instep.

    2. The clinch he needs to get busier in the clinch, he got connected on his way out he needs to get out punching or sweeping.

    3. Mawashigeri, high kick, again, he leans back too much, no power and no combos after the kick. If you noticed on the flurry of punches in the 3 round he kick Rampage, but he put his body on the kick (moving forward), Rampage felt that one.

    All his techniques are great scoring techniques, but with a little bit of adjustment they can become knock out techniques too. My humble opinion!

  58. mauditcurieux

    It is not going to be easy from here for Machida. Let’s all forget the rematch with Rampage, it is NOT going to happen. I think he is inline to fight the loser of the Ryan Bader/Jon Jones. Either way, these guys are elite wrestlers and well rounded fighters. Machida better be ready. I noticed Rampage used Shogun fighting strategy, but was not as sharp when delivering it. When he tried to close in on Machida and exert pressure, Machida would take him down or go into a clinch. I’m sure Jon Jones or Ryan Bader would not be afraid to go down and fight on the ground with Machida. Those guys are a like fighting machines.

  59. The fact is that the UFC needs judges who know that sabaki and countering is a smart and effective style and is different from running away. This seems to be a distinction that Dana and alot of the uneducated UFC fans fail to make. Most people on this forum are educated in the martial arts and find Machida’a style exciting and appreciate the skill involved. Someone please tell the judges and Dana (Don King) White that you dont need to stand and bang to make a good fight.

  60. the way how the ufc judges fights do not work… if u score round by round u may get a clear most of the time but if you score the entire fight as one big round you will get a clear winner all of the time… like machida vs shogun 1, if u score that fight rund by round machida won but if you score the fight as one big fight shogun won… if you score the machida vs rampage fight round by round rampage won.. but score the fight as one big round machida won… GO GO GO LYOTO!!!!, YOUR MY FAVOURITE FIGHTER, I WATCH ALL OF YOUR FIGHTS AND I HAVE YOUR DVD

  61. Agreed Kevin. In a way, Machida will have more time to build up his rep, confidence, stragegy etc, so when he does face Shogun again he will be that much more prepared! OSS!

  62. Peter, I agree with you 100%, glad to see some real guys who train MMA! and those with correct and intelligent oppinions namely Peter, Doney, Ahmed, Dr MMA and many more sorry if i’ve failed to mention but i’m speaking recently. Guys let us do as Machida instructs forget about the last fight and move on win or lose! New challenge!

  63. Rampage won the match; Lyoto won the fight. That’s what it comes down to for alot of people. If two rounds are pretty much equal, and the third is dominated by either opponent, that leads alot of people to agree that the third round trumps the first two.
    I’ve also noticed some contradictions in the people who don’t like Machida. When he fought Shogun the first time, Lyoto won by points fair and square and awarded the decision by the judges. Correct? Then, all the Shogun fans said, Lyoto may have won by points, but Lyoto was more “beat up” and that Shogun won the fight. Therefore a rematch was made.
    THIS TIME AROUND, Ramapage wins by “points”, but is more beat up, with Lyoto winning the “fight”, yet suddenly NO rematch is needed. In fact, suddenly now the judge’s decision of awarding the winner of the fight as a result of points is acceptable. This tells me those Lyoto Machida haters agree with the rules only when it is conveniant for them to do so…..like in this example for instance. And Dana White, I put you in this category too!!

  64. As a karateka myself I may be being biassed when I say i think Lyoto did enough to convince both fighters and the majority of spectators that he won.
    I have only recently began to take an interest in MMA at all but having heard of Lyoto through fellow Karateka was determined to watch him and see how Karate faired in the cage.
    Minimum movement for maximum affect.
    Hit your opponent and dont get hit.
    Best way of avoiding an attack is to not be there.
    All basic things a karateka learns when developing fighting technique and skill.
    Granted, Lyoto may not be the most exciting fighter to watch but the ultimate goal is to win….which I, among others believe he did.
    As several people before have said, Rampage himself was in shock at hearing the decision had gone his way and he was gracious enough to admit this.
    This does not, however, change the fact that the fight was given to Rampage – judges decision is final.
    Lyoto must avoid any similar mis-justice by ensuring he leaves no doubt.
    As was conveyed to me when fighting in various tournaments…you have more than one opponent to convince of your superiority in the ring/cage etc.


    LOVE .. one of the fans

  66. machida mérite une revanche, Rampage n’a pas dominé les 2 premiers rounds et le 3eme est vraiment pr lyoto. Ne te décourage pas machida tu mérite vraiment la ceinture.

  67. Lyoto,
    você fez uma luta excelente.
    Sem dúvida alguma foi o vencedor.

  68. Lyoto, you have just been elevated to a higher class than any MMA fighter, EVER! Imagine, no winner in the history of MMA (that I know) has EVER actually disagreed with the judges, and thought that the other figher should have won. To top that, it came from Rampage, of all fighters. He is the one to talk smack about the opponent and had called you “boring” in the past. It must be an honor to see your opponent stand up for you. Rampage knows that he cannot face his own fans without admitting the truth that he had lost. Rampage is a great fighter, and his respect for you is awesome! I respect him 100+%. I hope the UFC fires that S.O.B. Dana White…his “frigg’n shiny bald head has gotten too big over the years. Must be a bald, short man syndrome!
    Dr. Michael M. Altmon (not a brain surgeon! :)

  69. There Will Be No Rematch… There Will Also Be No Logic
    Photo by Josh Hedges. Copyright Zuffa, LLC
    Article Posted: November 21st, 2010 | By: Oliver Saenz | Comments: 5 | Comment Now

    I want it. Plenty of other people want it. Both fighters agreed to it. But we’re not going to get it, at least not anytime soon. After UFC 123: “Rampage vs. Machida” ended in another controversial judge’s decision in the ever-growing list of controversial judge’s decisions, both Quinton Jackson and Lyoto Machida agreed to have an immediate rematch. But according to UFC President Dana White, that’s simply not going to happen. Here are all the details.

    At the UFC 123 post-fight press conference, Dana White said the following, courtesy of MMA Weekly: “No. No. As far as I’m concerned, and apparently, as far as the judges are concerned, Rampage won that fight… (Rampage) won two rounds. It’s a three-round fight. You won two of them, he won one of them. You’re the winner… Those two guys fighting tonight, they’re at the top of the heap of the 205-pound division and Rampage came out the winner tonight.”

    I can’t say I support this decision, both as a Machida fan and a fan of big fights. I think White is painting this fight with a very, very broad brush when he boils it down to Jackson winning two rounds and Machida winning one. It’s by no means as simple as that. The question on everyone’s mind is: did Rampage really win those two rounds? They were incredibly close rounds, you’ve simply got to give that to Machida. The proof lies in Rampage Jackson’s stunned expression immediately after being announced the winner. Even the man himself didn’t think he did enough to win.

    This is the perfect fight to see an immediate rematch. In most cases I’m not a fan of them, and I think that a fighter needs to work his way back up and a significant amount of time needs to pass before a rematch occurs. But this is different than most cases: this was a super-close fight that went to a panel of judges that are increasingly criticized on a per-event basis. Everyone, from journalists to fans to promoters to the fighters themselves, have been willing to admit that the judging system in MMA is flawed. Some (those who have been robbed of victories thanks to the judges) even go so far as to claim that the system is broken.

    I won’t go that far for several reasons. First and foremost, I’m setting myself up for some typical fanboy flame wars if I start a “Machida won that, judges are stupid” debate. But more importantly, this was a very close fight and I can see how it could have gone either way. I personally wanted Machida to win, and I thought he did enough to win, but I can and will put my fandom aside and see things from the opposing perspective. Perhaps Rampage did do enough in the first two rounds to win it all.

    But that’s the perfect reason to have an immediate rematch. If the first fight was so close that it could have gone either way, let them fight it out a second time and hopefully we’ll get a decisive winner. The UFC has done this in the past, in fact, they did it several times in 2010 alone. Rampage/Machida 2 would be another great fight that would most likely be viewed by millions and make the UFC a considerable amount of coin.

    This is a fight that deserves to happen. Lyoto Machida deserves this fight because many people felt he was robbed. Quinton Jackson deserves this fight so he can get a chance to silence the critics and beat Machida decisively… which he can, of that I never had any doubts or raised any notions to the contrary. And we, the fight fans, deserve this fight because it has the potential to be just as good and even better than the first encounter. And it’s very, very unfortunate that this rematch likely won’t see the light of day for quite awhile.

    And what about you, fans and friends? Where do you stand on the issue of an immediate Rampage/Machida rematch?

  70. Also, Rampage gotta respect the guy 100% honest must have been difficult…..

  71. Lyoto you may have lost the fight but you beat Rampage Jackson, And it’s been said previously Rampage admitted it himself and Rampage definately wouldn’t lie! he was gobsmacked when he realised he got the decision how? First round was yours kicking rampage’s legs 7 times, then he started cutting you off to stop the kicks. clinched etc. You finished the round strong with a straight punch and a head kick. Second round was very close he got you down you got back up used good jiu jitsu some nice bosy shots and strikes very ellusive! Last round was dominence landed 6 strikes knees kicks etc, rocked took him down had a armbar, kimura, and a knee bar, your jiu jitsu was impressive… Rampage couldn’t get you off him passing his guards. Lyoto you are perfectly all rounded you promised you would be prepared no matter where the fight went and you was… You rocked him striking, your jiu jitsu was class, you defended well, got straight up off your back and took rampage down and kept him there. You lost Lyoto but beat Rampage. It’s not fair how your treated Dana White has pissed me off! Disbolical if you dont want to see a rematch, the whole of the crowd wanted it, rampage and Lyoto wants it! We want it… Your treated this way because you are the best fighter and the most intelliegent! I like your remarks learning curve and this dosen’t stand in the way of your dream! We love you man…. When your champion again you can look back at these expierences… You just can’t simply trust the judges… The criterea was shocking they were probably 2 boxers lol that’s why dana white thinks Rampage won… Well i hope he dont because he really never!

  72. lyoto! you almost k.o. rampage!!! you have more power than before!!!!! YES!!!!!

  73. MMABrainSurgeon

    Well, the only thing this result confirms is that Dana White is the at the helm of UFC and wants every fighter to end the fight with KO or submission. I’ve watched every UFC event from the beginning. The original UFC fights never ended except for KO or submission. As it evolved, it was possible to win on points. There is no question that KO or submission is more exciting and makes more money for Dana White and UFC. This is a clear message from Dana that if you want to succeed, you need to at least try to end the fight. Irrespective of who you like, I don’t think there is any doubt that Lyoto won. In any fight, the most “biased” person is your opponent. We all saw Rampage’s reaction. End of discussion. That, and Dana’s reaction to Rampage’s behavior confirms my opinion. I really respect Rampage’s honesty about the UFC and Dana before this, and my respect for him has only increased after this fight. I was always a big fan of Page, and now, I hope he goes on to win the LHW title. I really think that MMA would be better off without Dana. His energy and drive created the UFC and MMA, but his continued association and singular dictatorship of it will cause it to lose credibility and turn into boxing.

  74. Yes, After Machida v Shogun 1, instead of congratulating Lyoto Dana went straight to Shogun and told him that he should have won. He then granted Shogun a re-match because he wanted to give Lyoto another chance to lose. An unbeliveable lack of respect. This time he won’t grant a re-match because that would be to Lyoto’s advantage. This should be way more controversial than Machida v Shogun 1 but because it worked out the way they wanted it to (Machida lose) you won’t hear midget Rogan or freak Goldman talking about injustice. It will be a sad day if Dana gets his way and the only fighters left all have the same style. You would think it would be good business to embrace diversity.

  75. You are right Jamie. It is pretty obvious that Dana is uncomfortable with Lyoto and has something against him. Did you notice that Dana had never once complemented or credited Lyoto? I clearly saw that this fight was NOT as close of a fight (in favor of Machida) as with Machida/Shogun 1. I am surprised that there is not the same outrage as with Machida/Shogun 1. This fight is clearly more deserving of a rematch than M/S 1. Plain bullshit. I guess Rampage and Shogun do a better job sucking and licking Dana.

  76. Did anyone see Rampage raise Lyoto’s arm after the bell? Then his eyes almost popped out of his head when he got the decision. He knows he was was beaten and even said so. Dana has also refused a re-match. White definitely has something aginst Lyoto. He obviously thought it would be a better result in terms of promoting the next fight if Rampage the movie star (and the american) was the winner. The UFC is becoming a joke. Dana has way too much control. Soon he’ll be writing scripts like WWE.

  77. El mejor peleador Lyoto, Está acostumbrado a los 5 rounds apenas estaba calentando la pelea en el 3 round , Siempre el mejor Machida.
    Desde Costa Rica
    Muchos éxitos!!!
    Lo esperamos en un próximo UFC

  78. I was at the Palace last night and I saw you beat Rampage with my own eyes. I don’t care what the judges or Dana or anybody else says, you clearly won that fight. Don’t let it get you down and come back and show the world what Machida Karate is all about!

  79. Not sure why it is so important for some people to put other people down. Maybe the loss is a reflection of their own weaknesses.

  80. Sou amigo do lyto machida pessoal, haha tenho esse grande prazer de conheçe-lo pessoalmente, ele mora perto do meu apartamento em Belém do Pará, minha cidade hehe (Sou paraense, e treinei na machida durante 4 anos muay-tay) é um grande homem e o melhor lutador do mundo para mim, em tenico e em “respeito” ao esporte, é um grande cara e muito humilde.. na nossa cidade, ele é muito gente boa :)

  81. Sou amigo do lyto machida pessoal, haha tenho esse grande prazer de conheçe-lo pessoalmente, ele mora perto do meu apartamento em Belém do Pará, minha cidade hehe (Sou paraense, e treinei na machida durante 4 anos muay-tay) é um grande homem e o melhor lutador do mundo para mim, em tenico e em “respeito” ao esporte, é um grande cara e muito humilde.. na nossa cidade, ele é muito gente boa :)

  82. Lyoto got robbed. Jesus.

  83. Machida, I think you are typical of a fighter who is prefer saving energy until last round. The thing is most of you opponent already figure it out your tactics which is most likely you always go for decision, dude this is not shotokan karate this is mma man . This night I only see a little improvement in your techniques such as: better speed in elusive, great take down.

    You need to believe in yourself dude you are strong than what you think .. eg: when you punch jackson in the last round.

    your weaknesses:
    same old shit technique especially the punch and knee ..
    same old shit kick .. bad lower kick compare to shogun ( r u playing soccer man ?) damn …
    not evolving to other technique only leaping for knee and bazillion+ lengthy karate punch ….
    you got strong karate punch and kick but you still not able to make those things efficient due to the length…when you pull your arm .. ( this is not kata dude )
    you can only kick once with power then.. thats it. ..
    you attack only frontal side wtf ( you got ur ass whooped by shogun cause of this )

    dude if you fight shogun again..I doubt that you can win the fight..

    now u got 2 loses ( which I think is 3) but anyway hope that things can make become a great fighter

  84. C’mon! what’s this!? The judges have gone blind! How and when did Rampage win a SINGLE round!? Even Rampage knows he’ve lost!

  85. Parabéns pela vitória contra o Rampage. É uma vergonha pra nós brasileiros que assistimos a luta e tivemos que engolir a decisão equivocada dos juizes e depois uma tradução HORRÍVEL. Na primeira reposta Lyoto pediu revanche e o tradutor nem mencionou a palavra revanche. E depois qdo Lyoto disse que admirava o oponente por reconhecer que tinha perdido. O FDP do tradutor nem tocou no assunto. Que absurdo!

  86. Carlos baldomir

    pretty sure lyoto nuthuggers are crying their ass’ off

  87. Carlos baldomir

    latest winner…RAAHAMMMPAAAHAGE…hahahah lyoto must be crying in his locker room.


  89. Gina and Chris

    Carlos, you sound like your 12, you are doing the whining, don’t say my name child

  90. Gina and Chris

    Everybody loses a step after a loss and it goes beyond anything to do with the ability to win. munsun

  91. Carlos Baldomir

    FYI Gina and Chris Lyoto didnt win! HE OFFICIALLY LOST.

  92. Carlos Baldomir

    Gina and Chris please stop whining and crying.

  93. OMG good fight! but i do that there wont be a rematch. what’s the point of the rematch? they should go on with their careers, machida should go to World Combat League the one for karatekids. There he would be a great fit.

  94. Gina and Chris

    Rampage said it out of his own mouth, Machida you won. You won. BJ Penn won, it was a good night.

  95. seriously i think lyoto lost a step after that BRUTAL shogun knockout. he aint the same except for the running and all….

  96. Lyoto, you won. No matter what the judges say. Good fight tonight. Looking forward to the inevitable rematch.



  99. bull shit result. Lyoto you did well. You won. screw UFC. Karate rules.

  100. Karate, Jujitsu, and sumo, will prove to be your tools for winning fights once again. Please do me a favor a shove your right hand down rampage’s throat. Shut his mouth and choke him out but do it with grace as you always do. Make your technique flow, like a real martial artist.

  101. Machida Karate will dominate at 205 again. What’s going with the title?? If Shogun doesn’t come back soon surely Dana has to put an interim title on the table. It would be good to see Lyoto demolish Rashad again.

  102. Remember you are a Karateka. Fight ‘YOUR” fight not what the UFC or Dana White wants to sell tickets. Bless you!

  103. A true hero. You have stolen my fanatic feelings. I adore you as a fighter and as a person.

    I hope, as many people here earlier mentioned, that you don’t change your style as you did against Shogun. I hope you learn from that mistake and glas us fans by fighting like Lyoto Machida. A winner. Elegance, technique and perfection in its own term.

    Good luck. May god be with you.

  104. Lyoto. Your sabaki and countering will win the day. If you fight your fight then Rampage will have no answer. You are a gentleman and a champion.

  105. Lyoto, remember the art of karete- Landing pinpoint, accurate, precise straight punches with all your g technique over strength tactics over agression, without receiving ANY significant strikes. No one does this better then you Lyoto. We love you, we miss you, we love it when you come out of the octagan with your hands raised, unmarked victorous, the pressure from the UFC and fans is adversery. everytime you fought your fight you won all 16 of your fights, when you didn’t you got knocked out! be ulusive and believe in your fluid style. We will be watching! If you try and win over those fans or aversery-people you will lose. If you fight for your legacy, style and true fans you will always be remembered and never forgotten. You will be the man who lost regained his title and became pound for pound best fighter in the world, on your day we know that you are that’s why you have haters!

  106. Wishing you the BEST, Lyoto. Rampage is a great fighter…so are/were all your previous fighters. That is just the elite class that you are in. You are one to easily slice through all of them…and with style. That is the reason why you are my favorite MMA athlete.
    Looking forward to enjoying yet another great fight of yours! Good luck, even though you don’t need it.

  107. Hi Lyoto,

    I am sure there is tremendous pressure on you to finish fights. But remember, your loyal fans enjoy your style of fighting. Please don’t stand and exchange just to sell tickets. I’m sure your real fans prefer to see you walk out of fights without a mark, because it means you fought “your fight”. I enjoy watching your fights in slow motion because you can learn so much about footwork and technique for closing distance and evading the exchange. You didn’t do that against Shogun, it just didn’t seem like you. Also, it looked like you were fighting “not to lose” as opposed to fighting to win. I’m sure I don’t know what is going on in your head, I just hope your style isn’t changing to suit pressure from the UFC. Thanks for bringing real talent to the UFC!

  108. I wish you good luck against Rampage, but you wont need it!

  109. Lyoto – My prayers and thoughts are with you during your training camp and during your fight with Rampage. I believe in you and know that you will apply your incredible focus, technique and preparation to win this fight. Your poise as a champion and an ambassador of our sport is why you are a fan favorite. Thank you for all that you’ve accomplished for MMA! Good Luck!

  110. Machida is the best, he will definately win. keep up the great work, your our hero!!!!

  111. Good luck Lyoto. May God give you the strength and power to defeat Jackson. Train hard my friend.

  112. OH yeah Quinton Rampage weakness is leg kicks and knees. chopping his legs will take away from his power and mobility and he doesn’t know how to defend the muay thai clinch and knees in the clinch.

  113. I don’t know if you will see this lyoto but you are my favorite fighter. Shogun interviewed a lot of karate guys and hired one to mimic your style so he’d be comfortable w/ your stance and distance. Why didn’t you hire any muay thai guys to mimic shogun.
    If you look back at your fight he tried several time to counter your straight left w/ his overhand right. He even landed one on your previous fight. He countered your counter by moving his head left and coming over the top w/ his overhand right. It was planned. He knew your straight left was your most powerful punch and would leave your head exposed so he allowed you to cover the distance and set a trap. When you stepped in w/ your straight left, it was best opportunity because now your head is within distance and defenseless. When you throw your straight left your head doesn’t move to anticipate the counter and by the time you saw the counter you tried to move it but it was too late. That’s too predictable.
    Now to every MMA discipline there’s always a soft counter. The way to beat Muay thai is to have utilized good take downs and top control as we saw in GSP vs Thaigo Alves and Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen. The muay thai guy will have to worry able take downs so his hands will be a little lower plus he’s hesitant to kick because he might get taken down. This will give you plenty of opportunity to land punches because you can always fake the shoot and punch instead when the opponents head is exposed. If you don’t take him down and he’s able to sprawl you can always release and punch him. Shogun spent all his time w/ his hands very high protecting his head because he knew that was your favorite target which allowed you to land lots of knees. If you keep taking him down and hit him a little before getting back up he will be force to keep his hands down a little to avoid getting taken down and falling behind on points. Remember this is MMA you have take downs, trips etc. Don’t become one dimensional with just stand up instead make him fear every aspect of your game. You’re are stronger than shogun, better takedown, sumo, judo throws. Just don’t over extend like you did w/ Tito and allow him to land a sub. Use all your weapons to keep him guessing and you will win.
    You are still my favorite fighter.

  114. Lyoto Machida is true Karateka. Those words are spoken like a true champion. If they make a street fighter movie they have to make him Ryu.

  115. I think your scared because Machida before he got knocked out by Shogun he was pretty much untouchable we all Learnt even Machida isn’t untouchable, The reason Machida lost was because he was very aggressive like his brother, went after the win because he felt he had to win the fight because of the fans, Joe Rogan, and Dana White, Dont get me wrong I respect there oppinions but disagree, Machida will not fight like that again he learnt his lesson it was knockout or get knocked out and he got KO’d. If he fights Rampage like he fought, Thiago Silva, Tito, Rashad etc he will destroy Rampage I promise trust in Machida’s style he’s fluid, elusive and accurate, When MAchida fights his fight it comes to what he said to Rashad, ”Rashad can’t defend me style… no one can!” Shogun beat Machida he fight his fight. But when he does no one can stop him!

  116. Rodrigo Sevaroli

    Fala Lyoto meu parceiro, passando para te desejar “SUCESSO” na luta contra o Rampage, pois sorte é para fracassados, e você nem está perto de ser um!
    Sei que você é louco pelo seu estado (Pará), mas não deixa de lado o Rio de Janeiro não!
    Você é meu lotador predileto. Estou muito ansioso para saber da sua forma física, pois na última luta me parecia que você estava fora de forma!
    Quando você ganhar a luta pode mandar um abraço pro Rodrigo Sevaroli?


  117. Rodrigo Sevaroli

    Fala Lyoto meu parceiro, passando para te desejar “SUCESSO” na luta contra o Rampage, pois sorte é para fracassados, e você nem está perto de ser um!
    Sei que você é louco pelo seu estado (Pará), mas não deixa de lado o Rio de Janeiro não!
    Você é meu lotador predileto. Estou muito ansioso para saber da sua forma física, pois na última luta me parecia que você estava fora de forma!
    Quando você ganhar a luta pode mandar um abraço pro Rodrigo Sevaroli?

  118. I’m all for Machida but…… I’m afraid and I don’t know why??? but I should not think negative thoughts right??? win or loose Machida will always stay in my heart. WAR MACHIDA!!!!

  119. Thankyou Jamie,

    I agree, I cannot see Rampage beating Machida. Your definatyely right he’s very limited at the moment, He’s not as focused as MAchida if you hear him in interiews ”If my acting career payed as much as the UFC I wouldn’t be a fighter” He is not focused. I can’t see Rampage being cautious he’s got 15 minutes or until Machida knocks him out/submits him, he’s got one chance to beat MAchida. I can see Rampage getting countered dropped, Machida all over him, cutting him up in the first, taking him down a few times in the second weakening Rampage’s mind and body. Rampage getting frustrated he’ll stuggle to keep the fight on his feet. Rampage isn’t good off his back, and MAchida getting submission I’ll go detailed and guess Armbar!!!!

  120. Good topic Kevin,

    I just can’t see Lyoto losing. Rampage is just too limited. He’s strong but cant kick and wont trouble Lyoto on the ground. It’s all stand up and punches with Rampage. The only worry is another lucky shot to the temple. Both are coming off losses so both are likely to be cautious so I don’t expect a result in the first round. My guess is Lyoto by submission late in the second.

  121. We should start a debate. How do you guys see the fight going? Machida or Rampage? how far will it go, what round? how will it be won?

  122. Machida Submission victory!!!!!!!!!!!

    Going to be tough because Rampage is tough, has so muich strength, but Machida is the better fighter.

  123. It’s great to see there are true MAchida and MMA fans out there! Lyoto we are excited to see you beat rampage, I can see your strikes being sharp and deadly! your vice grips in the clinch and you using your wrestling to put Rampage on his back and exploiting his weaknesses. Your due a submission and rampage (even though im not certain about this corredt me if im wrong) but Rampage has never been submitted. We know you like the choke, Arm trianagle and forearm choke. We love you Lyoto!

  124. Great to have meet you this weekend!!! Good luck with you training and your next fight. Take care.

  125. Carmelo Ignacio

    It is good to hear that you are back in the gym and training once again and better yet a fight coming… I have waited for a long time for you to fight again I am a huge fan and no matter what everyone says you are still one of the greatest fighters out there.

  126. Hi, i’m waiting to see your next fight… defeat Rampage and rematch with Rua to get what is Totally yours…

  127. Hi, you are my hero. I am a black belt in shotokan and only a blue belt in jiu jitsu. Everytime you fight, I am reminded that shotokan Karate strikes with a solid ground game are lethal and can beat just about any fighter. It is very inspiring, you are my favorite fighter. Thank you for all that you really have done for me with your fightin. You are both a legend and an inspiration in my mind.

  128. I’ve been following you since 2003 and can’t wait to have seats to watch you live one day! You are the best fighter I know. I admire your discipline and humbleness. “The dragon picks its target, the dragon whips its tail.”

  129. GUYS EXPECT AN UNPREDICTABLE MACHIDA IN UFC 123… were going to see the old machida… The Elegance of Machida Karate!

  130. Good Luck Machida. You are one of my heroes! I also train in karate (goju-ryu) and I love the discipline of it! I can only hope that I can be as good as you some day! I bow to you in respect of the Bushido way!


  131. Lyoto, you are one of my favourite fighters along with Anderson Silva. I hope to see you when you come to Toronto, Canada, whenever that may be.

  132. Lyoto, you are a great champion, I like your style… I’m sure you’ll get back in your feet and after beating rampage up you’ll regain your title.

    Good luck and stay focused!

  133. go kick rampages ass!

  134. i know you will get your belt back. This fight with rampage will be a good addition in your W. 17th to be exact. KO or submission? A choke on rampage would great. Best of luck to “THE RETURN OF THE DRAGON”.

  135. November 20 at UFC 123 Machida Karate will dominate again. Rampage is too one dimensional to trouble Lyoto

  136. good luck machida against rampage.i know you will win.cya at ufc 123

  137. Fight Sonnen. Rampage is finished. Fight someone I miss you in the Octagon.


  138. Machida you are still my favorite fighter in all of mma. I haven’t heard anything about an upcoming fight. Your fights are the most exciting in mma in my opinion. Get back out there soon, take down the other big names, and get that belt back from Shogun!

  139. Rampage is a typical thug…throwing his weight & strength around without alot of fore-thought. Machida not only has the weapons but the brains to use them. Fighting a thug like Rampage, of coarse you need to watch out for that lucky punch…but Rampage for all his strength is no Shogun. Speed alone should favor Machida ..but being really prepared for fighting Rampage is smart…so that Machida can once again think about the regaining the Title.

  140. hi lyoto,

    Seeing in the drills from you tube that you are really in good shape, I guess you just need to work on the proper timing. try to incorporate your defense with your offense like typical Karate while your blocking try to ive a counter attack and im seeing that you side steps are good. you an definitely use that with rampage it can automatically give you a n opening to him as he is kinda slow in doing transitions. you are right my friend you are there to fight and avoid losing it doesnt matter what other people say about karate. We are there to get beaten up as karate has a flexible way in evading attacks.


  141. I always support Machida. He gives freshness to MMA and shows the world that radically different style will work well. His fight is always interesting. No matter what happens to Machida, I will always support Machida.


  142. jon bon jovi, Machida has always been training wrestling, and did alot of sumo awhile back, he has some of the best TDD in mma

  143. Can’t wait for the fight against Rampage. Not to take anything against shoguns win but I totally agreed with his dad about the punch, had that landed who knows? If there is another Shogun rematch in the future I predict Machida victory by knock-out.

  144. Well in this sport anybody can get caught sliping… and it happens to the best fighters. Machida is still known as one of the greatest fighters in this sport. I know he will come back strong he has to, because from what I hear he is ending his career at 35 which gives hime 3 more yrs to fight. And I knw for a fact he can knock out Shogun!! He was already wining the fight in the first round by already controling the fight with 2 take downs..but just got caught! Keep your head up Lyoto you will be champ again!

  145. Dana has said that Shogun is out until March 2011. Hopefully this means we might see a interim title fight before then. Rashad V Who?

  146. We are now seeing the humble and determined Lyoto, the Lyoto we respect and look up to. Great to see that you’ve moved forward and preparing for greater challenges. Best of luck to you and to everyone who responded. Time to be the best that we can be.

  147. Good to see he’s started training wrestling, it is in my opinion the most dominant type of fighting to use in the UFC, Bjj might me good for submissions but poor takedowns/ defence if Anderson Silva didn’t catch Chael Sonnen with that triangle, and if Rashad Evans beats Shogun (which he probably will) all of the UFC champions would be wrestlers :)

  148. I am happy for Machida coping with his loss he is my favorite fighter in the Lightheavy Weight division and i would love to learn or train with him just once OMg but i cant wait and hope for his best in returning to the octogon

  149. I would love to see Machida vs. Shogun 3 !! I hope it happens, to answer all the critics, and prove once again, Machida is #1 and Shogun scored a lucky punch, it happens to the best.

    The Moderators of Anderson Silva’s Forum = jerks. They treat fans like shit. They don’t post all fan posts, but belittle Anderson Silva’s fans. I hope Anderson Silva knows about this. This will only hurt his popularity in the USA !

  150. Michael Burris

    I think that Loyoto will beat Shogun if he gets another chance.

  151. Canada loves you lyoto!!!! In order too succeed at being the best you must fail!! Time to show the world you are the best!!!

  152. I can’t wait to see my number 1 fighter in the cage again. I knw you will come back stronger not just in strenght but in spirit, mind, and your heart! Keep up the good work and I believe one day you will be the champion again.

  153. You are by far who I see as the best in you division. And I definitely do not doubt you will achieve the belt again someday. But in the meantime, I look forward to seeing more of you in the octagon. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo

  154. I’m excited that ‘The Dragon’ is training hard and working on his game!!! Can’t wait to see you in action again! Your a weapon!Now let us see the next stage of your career: The reclaiming of your title!

  155. YES!!!glad to hear your coming back to reclaim your place as champion. its good to see that you have real fans that still believe in you and what your capable of. thank you for all the inspiration. Best of look to you on your journey back to the top.

  156. Mr. Machida I think you are the best in the world without a shadow of a doubt. I support you in all the decisions you make. Remember everybody has their fight within. Win or Lose you will are still my inspiration and my favorite fighter. WAR MACHIDA!!!

  157. I’m glad that you are training more with Anderson and are humble. You are my favorite fighter and win or lose I will always be a fan of you and Machida Karate! You are a true Champion.

  158. I cannot agree more…that a fighter must show humility & that is what Lyoto Machida does. He is a champion, not only in the octagon, but outside as well. His strength comes from within, not from talking trash like so many in MMA. Lyotos humility comes from his foundation in Karate. When he finally returns to the top, he will be the “peoples champion” again.

  159. No trash talk, just respect. Lyoto, you are a true champion.

  160. britt says she loves you

  161. try to take it easy on rampage Lyoto! :) your fans love you and support you no matter what. keep living Bushido my friend

  162. I respect all the Brazil fighters, because of their respect, discipline, and humility. When i watch a fight, i notice if he respects his discipline, craft, and sport. I truly admire Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, as they always respect their opponents. They are extremely humble, and never talk trash, but rather do the speaking in the Octagon. Anderson Silva is the “Black Bruce Lee”, he is the greatest fighter today, bar none! Machida is also great, but needs to improve in a few areas, most notably his aggressiveness especially when his opponent is hurt. Both fighters are #1 in my book.

    I can’t stand Brock Lesnar, he has no respect, and an absolute embarrassment for the sport. Someone needs to woop his behind, stand over him, and ridicule him, like he has done to opponents. Brock is a disgrace, learn some humility!

  163. acho que vc Lyoto deveria ter 1 fisico mais anabolico , mais forte sem querer ser demagogo nem nada , mas vc como bem disse eh muito disputado as lutas e os atletas se drogam mesmo , infelizmente faz parte do jogo da competicao ..nao como qualquer outro esporte como natacao , corrida etc ..o seu esporte eh jogando a vida em risco vc precisa se armar com o ultimo hitech em todas as areas ..e desculpa te dizer mas ta faltando sprint seu devido a nao usar drogas como HGH TREMBOL E algum derivado da testo ..enfim qualquer droga que te ative e te de 1 sprint e forca maior!abracos

  164. Lyoto, Great response, and I am glad that you are training diligently after your defeat. I see it as a hump in the road for your return to the top! You are an inspiration to me as I started in Matsayubashi Ryu Karate in the very beginning, now I am training in Muay Thai and BJJ. I cannot wait for the return of the Dragon!
    -Cody, Melbourne Florida

  165. Spoken like a true champion respect and discipline! When you defeat Shogun the next time I hope the Dragon has a long reign at the top. WE CANNOT WAIT TILL YOU RETURN TO THE OCTAGON!!

  166. Lyoto Machida you are my hero.i cant wait until your return.i think you deserve a rematch against shogun because you already beat him once and he beat you once.i hope you get your title back.

  167. I would love to see you vs rampage and good luck for you and anderson in your next fights! unfourtunatly once anderson beats chael he will have to vs Vitor Belfort one of my favourites he will have to train hard to beat him. also its a good idea for you Machida to train in wrestling because every great fighter has something to work on

  168. great video! you sound like your ready to go get umm so best of luck training and cant wait till our dragon fights again.

  169. Awesome video Lyoto!

    It is good to hear that you and anderson are training diligently together and that you have a clear perspective of your future and goals. I believe what you say to be true, “every fighter is subject to defeat,” but even more so it is great to hear that you are beyond that point of the past and are working hard to becoming champion once again.
    Me and all your fans around the world can’t wait for the return of the dragon!

    Keep up the good work!


    Honolulu, HI

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