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Top 10 MMA middleweights: March 2015

Ranking by MMAFREAK.COM Due to suspension and inactivity Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort are ineligible. 1/4/15 rankings in parenthesis: 1) Chris Weidman (1) After another delay due to injury, Chris Weidman will finally defend his title against Vitor Belfort at UFC 187 this May 23rd on Memorial day weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada...

Vitor Belfort was willing to fight Yoel Romero, not Lyoto Machida at UFC 184

Vitor Belfort asked for an interim title when an injury forced Chris Weidman out of a UFC middleweight title fight with “The Phenom” on Dec. 6, but the UFC decided to push the pairing back to Feb. 28. When Weidman pulled out with another injury, Belfort once again asked for...



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Vamos fazer deste um ano de muitas vitórias.
Let’s do a year of many victories.

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Hoje foi dia de visitar uma das Casas do Dragão, a Academia Machida, em Belém do Pará. O maior centro de treinamento integrado de artes marciais..

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Coletiva de imprensa, em Belém do Pará, após a vitória!
Press conference after the fight!

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Galera, estou muito feliz com essa vitória!!!
Gostaria de agradecer muito a torcida de todos, e agradecer meus patrocinadores por sempre me..

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O Dragão agradece o apoio da torcida.

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Vencer em casa é vencer duas vezes! Winning at home is winning twice! #TáemCasaLyoto #MyArena #PressLyoto

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It’s tiiiiiime! Todos na torcida! #TáemCasaLyoto #MyArena #PressLyoto

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Preparativos finais do Dragão para enfrentar C.B. Dollaway. Final preparation of the Dragon to face C.B. Dollaway. #TáemCasaLyoto #MyArena..

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Dragão no alongamento antes de entrar no octógono. The Dragon streching before entering the octagon. #TáemCasaLyoto #MyArena #PressLyoto

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Lyoto pegando dicas antes da luta. Lyoto taking some tips before the fight. #TáemCasaLyoto #MyArena #PressLyoto

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Preparando para a luta. Getting ready for the fight. #TáemCasaLyoto #MyArena #PressLyoto

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Prestigiando os cards preliminares. Honoring the preliminary cards.
#TáemCasaLyoto #MyArena #PressLyoto

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